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Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Terrence Patrick b.1808; d.1897 Lynn Ayres
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Catherine (nee Donnelly) b.1807; d. 1892 Lynn Ayres
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Margaret b.1839; d.1882 Lynn Ayres
Carbray/Carbery/Carberry, Niall/Neill "John" b.c.1810; d.1886 Lynn Ayres
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Patrick b.1840; d.1920 Lynn Ayres
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Edward b.1841; d.1921 Lynn Ayres
Charles, Andrew b.1782; d.1873 Jennifer Ham
Charles, Dr. Richard b.1800; d.1863 Jennifer Ham
Clements, Agnes Crooks (Drummond) b.1921; d.2012 Eileen Hamlin
Davidson, Martha (Mulholland) b.1834; d.1916 Brook Davis
Graham, Charles b.1877; d.1965 Robert Graham
Hazlett, Andrew b.1810; d.1884 Kim Mills
Hazlett, Andrew b.1850; d.1894 Kim Mills
Hazlett, John b.1855; d. 1875 Kim Mills
Hazlett, Margaret Ann b.1851; d.1905 Kim Mills
Hazlett, Martha (nee Kane/Cain) b.1832; d.1903 Kim Mills
Hazlett, Rebecca b.1850; d.1898 Kim Mills
Howard, James b.c.1831; d.1904 Sharon Marconi
Ferguson, Annie b.1855; d.1937 Sandra Hass
Ferguson, Fanny b.1861; d.1912 Sandra Hass
Ferguson, Maria b.1860; d.1953 Sandra Hass
Hughes (nee McAleer), Anne Jane b.1861 Roseanne Barbeau
Hunter, Elizabeth Jane (nee Hunter) b.1853; d.1948 Linda Andres
Hunter, William b.1828; d.1891 Linda Andres
Johnston, Warden b.1875; d.1968 Tom Ross
McAleer, Bernard b.1867; d.1916 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Bridget b.1876 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer (nee McRory), Catherine b.1836; d.1897 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Hugh b.1836; d.1912 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Hugh William b.1863; d.1940 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Joseph b.1873 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Patrick Henry b.1871; d.1892 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, William b.1868 Roseanne Barbeau
McCusker (nee McAleer), Margaret b.1870 Roseanne Barbeau
McKee, James b.1852; d.1895 Charlene McKee
McKee, Mary Ann (nee Mccrystle) b.1847; d.1920 Charlene McKee
Roach, Isaac Newton unknown Todd Dulaney
Sheerin (Sherrin), John b.c.1827; d. 1851 W. Sherrin
Wright, James b.1839 Dennis Wright

Warden Johnston was born October 17, 1875, Clogher, County Tyrone, Ireland. Warden died Mimico, Ontario, Canada 26 Feb., 1968 at age 92. He served with Canadian Army during WW1 became the Mimico Station Master for the Grand Trunk Railway. Mimico is now part of Toronto.



Article appears on page 304 of the original book and page 488 in the downloaded PDF version.

The book was published by J. H. Beers & Co 1903: Chicago. The author of the book is Meginness, John Franklin 1827-1899.

Book Title: Biographical Annals of Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

[Accessed online: 15/07/2012 by Jennifer Ham, Australia; email]

The following story is transcribed as per the grammar at the time of publication; hence the grammatical errors that appear.


In a life that was prolonged beyond the allotted period of existence, Mr. Charles won and retained the respect of acquaintances and associates. It was his privilege to witnes the development of our nation during the most eventful era of its history. His earlier recollections were associated with the country as an infant republic, its possibilities unknown, its destiny unforeseen. When he was an old man, and shut off largely from intercourse with others through deafness and failing sight, he was wont to dwell upon events connected with the far-distant past, and used to tell his children how, as a boy, he had shaken hands with George Washington, who had told him to be “a good boy”, and had hoped God's blessing would rest upon him.

The life of Andrew Charles began in County Tyrone, Ireland, May 6, 1782, and closed in Strasburg, Lancaster county, April 4, 1873, his body being laid to rest in the Strasburg cemetery in the midst of surroundings so familiar to him. His parents, William and Jane (Charles) Charles, were natives of Ireland, the former being a farmer all through his active life. In the family were the following children, all now deceased: John; Andrew; Hannah; Mrs. Charles Earlie, of Ireland; Catherine, Mrs. Wilson, who died in Virginia; and Mrs. Jane Hayes, of Pittsburg, Pa. While the family were Irish-born, they were of English extraction, and the genealogy is traced back to three brothers, of whom one left England for Ireland, another went to Scotland, and the third settled in Germany.

Accompanied by a brother and two sisters, Andrew Charles came to the United States in 1794 and settled in Philadelphia, where he soon began an apprenticeship to the cabinet-maker's trade. Owing to an epidemic of yellow fever when he was twenty-one years of age, he left his home city and afterward made his borne in Lancaster for a time, thence going to Lititz, where he followed his trade a few years. A later location was at Strasburg, where he not only followed his trade but also built up an important business in the sale of furniture and under- taker's supplies. For forty years he suffered the inconvenience of deafness, but prosecuted his work with diligence, notwithstanding this affliction. However, when finally blindness came to him five years prior to his death, he relinquished his connection with business. During his younger years he was an active citizen, an enthusiastic worker in the Democratic party, and for many times served both as burgess and as a member of the borough council. In religion he adhered to the Episcopal doctrines, and fraternally was connected with the Masons.

Before the days of railroads, Mr. Charles rode on horseback to Lancaster to be married and there the ceremony was performed which united him with Margaret Ferguson. They became the parents of the following named children: Robert F., deceased; Jane A., Mrs. Henry Hunter, deceased; Harriet, who was born in Strasburg, Aug. 18, 1813, and now makes her home in Lancaster; William, who died while in the army; John, who died in infancy; Amanda, Mrs. Charles Mellinger, of Columbia, Pa.; Margaret, who was born June 15, 1823, in Strasburg, and now resides with her sister Harriet in Lancaster; John A., who married Anna E. Bart, and is now deceased; and Adeline, who died in girlhood.
In I847 Miss Harriet Charles opened a millinery store in Strasburg, and this she conducted until 1882, when she and her sister removed to Columbia to make their home with a married sister, but after seventeen months they removed to their present home in Lancaster. Although her father accumulated little, Miss Charles was enabled to surround his old age with the comforts of life as a result of her own industrious efforts, and at the same time she accumulated sufficient to provide for herself and sister so that now, in their advancing years, they are comfortably and pleasantly situated. Their friends are many in the county where they have always lived.



The following story is transcribed as per the grammar at the time of publication; hence the grammatical errors that appear. Article appears on pages 217-218 of the original book and pages 233-234 in the downloaded PDF version.


[Source: John S. Minard, _Allegany County and its People. A Centennial Memorial History of Allegany County, New York._, (Alfred, N.Y., W. A. Fergusson & Co., 1896), p. 217-218] - Not in Copyright - Accessed online -

Accessed online: 15/07/2012 by Jennifer Ham, Australia; email]


The settlement of Dr. RICHARD CHARLES in Angelica in 1825 marked an era in the history of the medical profession in the county. He was so long, so generally and so favorably known by the many Alleganians to whom he became endeared by numberless acts of kindness, professionally and otherwise, that an extended sketch will be given. It is said that in hundreds of cases he made long journeys to visit families of poor pioneers, without the hope of fee or reward. His ears were never deaf to the appeals of the suffering, nor his eyes closed to the visible wants of his fellow men. For nearly half a century he was a successful practitioner, and an ornament to the profession. Had he been less liberal and kind hearted he might have amassed great wealth. His generous impulses prompted him to extend his aid and influence in support of those whom he deemed his friends and twice he was compelled to commence the world anew, his means becoming exhausted in the payment of demands not his own, for which he had become holden. It was a satisfaction to his friends to know that notwithstanding these reverses his declining years were blessed with a competence. He was one of the founders, always a communicant, and for a long time a vestryman and warden of St. Paul's Church at Angelica. His death left a great void in the ranks of the profession. "Dr. Richard CHARLES, M. D. * was a native of Belfast, Ireland, born May 24, 1800. He received his professional education at the medical departments of Dublin, Glasgow and New York City universities he took the degree of Doctor of Medicine at Glasgow, and his attendance at lectures in New York City was for the purpose of studying the idiom of disease in this country, as well as to acquire the practice adapted to their treatment. He had experience in hospital practice before coming to this country. He was surgeon of the vessel that brought him to Quebec in 1821. From Quebec he came to Buffalo, where he was taken sick with a protracted and dangerous fever, and, upon his recovery, he settled in Almond, and practiced in company with Dr. BURNHAM and afterwards with Dr. Asal E. DAVIDSON. After three years passed in these co-partnerships, he removed to Angelica in 1825 and took the practice of Dr. Southwick. He remained in Angelica until his death in 1863 at 63 years of age. From the superiority of his professional acquirements he gained a large and extended practice, often being called to Buffalo to treat difficult cases of disease, and as far east as Elmira and Bath and to other neighboring and distance places in Western New York. His superior education and professional skill was a generally acknowledged fact. In his addresses and manners he was a typical gentleman of the old school. He was a courageous and truthful practitioner, and had the admiration and confidence of his patients, as well as of the general public. He was a strong adherent of the code of ethics governing the moral conduct of his confreres to each other and to their patients, thereby maintaining a high standard for the scientific and philanthropic profession. He was a member of New York State Medical Society. He experienced the strong physique and determined purpose, he was equal to the hard labor and dangers besetting men in the period of primitive forests, when the road ways admitted of transportation on horseback only. He lived to see his adopted county of Allegany one of the foremost grazing counties in the state and an influential power in state and general politics, and several academies and a university of learning, dying at Angelica, April 24, 1863."

(* By J. S. Jamison, M.D.)

Isaac Newton Roach, born County Tyrone, died the 3rd day of the Siege of Knoxville (Tennessee), 18 November, 1863 (American Civil War). Corporal, 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I Grand Army of the Republic (*Union). Buried Knoxville National Cemetery, Knoxville, Tennessee. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Ward, children: Oliver Todd Roach and Alice Elizabeth Roach. He came to America with two brothers, both of which returned to Ireland, he was of the Clan O'Niel. He was my great, great grandfather.

John Sheerin (Sherrin) was born in County Tyrone abt. 1827, the son of John Sherrin and Jane Lawry. He married Julia McCarty (spelled McCarthy on the certificate) 3 June 1851 in New Orleans and died in New Orleans in August 1859 about age 32. When he signed his son's birth certificate, he spelled his last name as Sherrin. His marriage certificate has Sheerin. Julia's children spelled it McCarty in her obituary. They had two children - John James and Mary Jeannie.

James Howard was born in Co. Tyrone c.1831. He married Margaret O'Neil c.1850 and died in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1904.

Terrence Patrick CARBRAY (aka Carbery/Carberry), son of Edward Carbray and Margaret O'Neill, born 1808 in Carrickcastle (now Carrycastle), Parish of Eglish, Co. Tyrone; died December 24, 1897 Sillery, Quebec, buried Dec 26, 1897 St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Terrence was married to Catherine Donnelly. Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.

Catherine (nee DONNELLY) Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), , born 1807, Co. Tyrone , died January 25, 1892, Sillery, Quebec, buried Dec 28, 1892 St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.
Inscription on headstone: In memory of Catherine Donnelly, wife of Terrence P Carbray, a native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, died January 25, 1892. Aged 85 years.
Also her husband, Terrence Carbray, a native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, died December 24, 1897, aged 89 years. May their souls rest in peace.
Terrence and Catherine Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry) had the following children:
1) Margaret, born about 1839 in Co. Tyrone, died October 26, 1882, Sillery, Quebec, buried October 28, St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Margaret married Thomas Larkin, September 1st, 1863 in Sillery, Quebec (St-Colomb). Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.
2) Patrick, born November 9, 1840 in Co. Tyrone, died July 15, 1920, Sillery, Quebec, buried July 17, St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Patrick married Mary Sinjohn, June 16, 1863 in Quebec City, Quebec. Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.
3) Edward, October 26, 1841 in Co. Tyrone, died 22 May 1921, Sillery, Quebec, buried May 24, St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Edward married Margaret Keating, November 16, 1863 in Sillery, Quebec (St-Colomb). Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.
4) John, born June 16, 1844 in Quebec City, died August 30, 1907, Quebec Ctiy. John was married (1) Bridget Conway Oct 1, 1872 in Quebec City and, (2) Sarah Latimer Nov 18, 1902 in Montreal, Quebec.
5) Mary Jane, born July 29, 1846 in Quebec City, died April 6, 1932 in Montreal, Quebec. Mary Jane married Thomas Gaffery, January 6, 1881 in Sillery, Quebec.
6) James, born Feb. 13, 1852 in Quebec City, died James married Margaret Maud Livingstone June 1, 1897 in Sillery, Quebec.
7) Thomas, born Oct. 11, 1855 in Quebec City and died 1939 in He never married.
8) Hugh, born Sep 29, 1857 in Quebec City and died March 16, 1928 in Quebec City. He married Anne Boutin, January 15, 1889 in Quebec City, Quebec.

Niall/Neill "John" Carbray/Carbery/Carberry, son of Edward Carbery and Margaret O'Neill and brother of Terence Patrick, born about 1810 in Carrickcastle/Carrycastle, Parish of Eglish, Co. Tyrone. He arrived in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada before September 1833. He married Catherine Connolly September 3, 1833 in Quebec City. He died December 5, 1886 in Montreal, Quebec, buried in St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery (Quebec City), Quebec.   Son Felix went on to be a Quebec politician and successful businessman.
Niall John and Catherine had the following children:
1) Margaret, born 1836 in Quebec City, died March 30, 1875 in Quebec City, buried in St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. She married Patrick McCormick, May 2, 1854 in Quebec City.
2) Felix, born December 22, 1835 in Quebec City, died December 20, 1907 in Sillery, Quebec, buried St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery. He married (1) Margaret Carbery, May 2, 1854 in Quebec City, (2) Bridget Carbery (Margaret's sister) on 25 Oct 1902 in Manhatten, New York City, New York.
3) John, born April 28, 1838 in Quebec City, died January 16, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois. He married Sophie Lavoie July 30, 1861 in Quebec City.
4) Mary Ann, December 7, 1839 in Quebec City, died May 29, 1892 in Quebec City. She married John Crilly, July 8, 1862 in Ste-Foy, Quebec.
5) James, born July 18, 1841 in Quebec City and presumably died after 1910 in Chicago, Ill, He married Mary Conners, November 23, 1864 in Ste-Foy, Quebec.
6) Catherine "Kate", was born September 20, 1843 in Quebec City and died December 1924 in Montreal, Quebec. She married Michael McCready, November 6, 1867 in Montreal, Quebec.
7) Eliza, born March 18, 1845 in Quebec City, and died December 11, 1876 in Montreal, Quebec. She was known as Sister Catherine of the Notre-Dame Congregation of nuns.
8) Edward, born March 29, 1847 in Quebec City and died January 23, 1897 in Montreal, Quebec. He married Mary Potts June 25, 1883 in Montreal, Quebec.
9) Bridget, born February 22, 1849 in Quebec City and died September 29, 1908 in Fort Erie, Welland, Ontario. She married William Hunt, July 29, 1889 in Montreal, Quebec.
10) Matilda, born August 4, 1851 in Quebec City and died March 8, 1932 in Montreal, Quebec. She married Bernard Campbell, June 9, 1877 in Quebec City.

William Hunter, born 1828 in Co. Tyrone; died 14 June 1891 and was buried in Waltham, Illinois. He was survived by his wife Elizabeth Jane Hunter (nee Hunter) who was born in Co. Tyrone 11 October 1853; died 12 December 1948 and was buried in Waltham, Illinois.

Fanny Ferguson born 23 June 1861, Loughry, Tyrone, died Mt. Morgan, Queensland, 15 June 1912, buried Mt. Morgan Cemetery, married Lowry McClelland, 28 April 1880, (at the residence of Mr and Mrs John Brisbin, Stanwell, (near Rockhampton), Queensland.

Also, Fanny's sister, Maria Ferguson, born 01 May 1860, Cookstown, Tyrone, died 01 August 1953, Rockhampton, Queensland, buried South Rockhampton Cemetery, married Henry Bull, born Whaplode, via Spalding, Lincoln, England 28 May 1959, died Rockhampton, 14 January 1926 on 14 September 1881, Rockhampton.

Annie Ferguson, eldest sister of Maria and Fanny, born 14 June 1855, Loughry, Tyrone, married John Brisbin, born 2 August 1852, in Tyrone, about 1878 - the Brisbins emigrated to Australia in February 1879 on board the Scottish Lassie. Annie died 17 Ocotber 1937, and John 1 November 1925, both in Yeppoon, near Rockhampton. Maria and Fanny emigrated to Australia in December, 1878, on the Scottish Hero, and Lowry emigrated in 1877 on the Saraca. He was born in Ahoghill, Antrim, 4 June 1856, and died 24 June 1924, and is buried in the Mt Morgan Cemetery. Mt Morgan is also near Rockhampton.

It is possible that a fourth sister of these girls also came to Australia, but I have not been able to find any record of her. Other sisters were: Catherine, born 5 December 1857; Elizabeth Jane, born 13 March 1863; and Mary Jane, born Cookstown, 8 July 1864. There were also six brothers, at least three of whom went to the United States.

Andrew Hazlett, born abt 1810 in County Tyrone, died 17 July 1884 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Son of Jacob Hazlett, husband of Martha Kane. Andrew immigrated 17 May 1875 on board the ship State of Louisiana, docking in New York.

Martha Hazlett (nee Kane/Cain), born abt 1832, died 18 Feb 1903 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Immigrated 17 May 1875 on board the ship State of Louisiana, docking in New York. Wife of Andrew Hazlett, daughter of Daniel Kane and Margaret Hazlett. Buried in the Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Margaret Ann Hazlett, born abt 1851 County Tyrone, to parents Andrew Hazlett and Martha Kane. Immigrated 15 Apr 1872 on board the ship Australia, docking in New York. Died 6 March 1905 from pneumonia in the Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Buried in the Cambridge Cemetery.

John Hazlett, born abt 1855 to parents Andrew Hazlett and Martha Kane. Died 30 Nov 1875 Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Andrew Hazlett, born abt 1862 to parents Andrew Hazlett and Martha Kane. Immigrated 17 May 1875 on board the ship State of Louisiana, docking in New York. Husband of Emma Olilson. Lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Died 9 Jan 1894 in the County poor house, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Rebecca Hazlett, born abt 1850 to parents Andrew Hazlett and Martha Kane. Immigrated 15 Apr 1872 on board the ship Australia, docking in New York. Wife of John Doherty, married 9 May 1867 in Starbane, County Tyrone. Died 17 March 1898 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA.

Martha Davidson, daughter of Robert Davidson and Elizabeth Margaret (Mulholland) born June 24, 1834 at Derrygortanae, died Mar 3, 1916 in Houston, MN, USA. Married John A. Anderson 1853, had two daughters, Ann Eliza and Amanda, one son, Arthur Hale, husband and one son died 1860 and she remarried Orson Hempstead, Houston MN 1862

Agnes Crooks Clements (nee Drummond)- Passed away peacefully at the General and Marine Hospital, Collingwood on Sunday, September 2, 2012 with family and friends at her side. Born in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland on October 6, 1921 to the late David and Thomasina Drummond. Pre-deceased by her beloved husband the Reverend Alexander (Sandy) Clements. Agnes was the dearly loved and loving mother of David (Marie), Brian (Betty) and Joan. She will always be remembered for her wonderful caring concern for her grandchildren, Andrea (Jeff), Julie (Trevor), David Daniel (Sharon), Jennifer (Hon) and Rosemary (Jef) and her great grandchildren, Emily, Alexander, Zachary, Lucas, Morgan and Ryan. Agnes will be sorely missed by all of her family and friends. A special heartfelt thanks to Dr. Scott Houston and staff at the General and Marine Hospital. Visitation will be held on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at Lynn-Stone Funeral Home, 15 Yonge St. S. Elmvale, from 6:30 pm - 9 pm. A funeral service will take place on Thursday, September 6, 2012 at Mansfield Presbyterian Church, 936572 Airport Rd, Mansfield at 1 pm with visitation one hour prior to service. Lynn-Stone Funeral Home, 15 Yonge Street South, Elmvale, Ontario. Memorial donations to the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital or the charity of your choice would be appreciated.

James Wright was born at Brigh, Co. Tyrone in Dec. 1839. He had siblings Andrew b. 21 Feb 1842 and William b. 13 Oct 1848. Their father was also James but none of the birth records mention the mother's name. James Jr. emigrated to the USA in 1859 to live in Elizabeth, NJ, where he died. He married Mary Tulley Parsons b.1855 in Scotland and had four children one of which was my grandfather Albert James Wright.

McAleer, Hugh: b.1836, Ireland; d.October 6, 1897, 3062 Reese Street, Philadelphia, Pa

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

Cause of Death: Cirrhosis of Liver

Burial: October 9, 1897, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

McAleer, Catherine McRory: b.August 1836, Co. Tyrone; d. February 16, 1912, 900 North 66th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

Cause of Death: Bronchi Pneumonia

Burial: February 20, 1912, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Children of Hugh and Catherine known to have immigrated to U.S.:

Hughes (nee McAleer), Anne Jane: b.1861, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d. ?

Immigration: 1872. Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: 1889 to Adam Hughes

Murray, Hugh William: b.October 1863, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.April 3, 1940, Philadelphia, PA

Immigration: 1885. Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Burial: April 1940, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: June 1, 1896, Philadelphia, PA to Rose Ann Murray

McAleer, Bernard: b.February 17, 1867, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.August 3, 1916, 2340 Harlan Street, Phila., PA

Immigration: 1886. Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Burial: August 7, 1916, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: 1880, Philadelphia, PA to Annie McDade

McAleer, William: b.June 16, 1868, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.?

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York.

Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: December 6, 1910, Philadelphia, PA to Isabella “Bella” Murray

McCusker (nee McAleer), Margaret: b.April 44, 1870, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.?

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York.

Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: 1896, Philadelphia, PA to James McCusker

McAleer, Patrick Henry: b.November 19, 1871, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.September 13, 1892, 2712 North 2nd St. Philadelphia, Pa

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

Cause of Death: Acc. Poisoning from Corrosive ? taken in mistake for whisky

Burial: September 16, 1892, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

McAleer, Joseph: b.September 16, 1873, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.?

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

McAleer, Bridget: b.September 16, 1876, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.?

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

James McKee was born about 1852-3 in County Tyrone, Ireland and died about 1895 in Cumberland, RI, USA, age about 43. Religion: Roman Catholic. Parents William McKee and Jane(surname unknown). Occupation: weaver. Immigrated to USA Dec 15, 1870, NYC. Settled in Cumberland, RI. Naturalized Sep 20, 1886.

(According to a Civil Marriage Record of Nov 7, 1848, his parents were possibly William McKee (born about 1826) and Jane Dinning or Denning (born about 1828) from Stewartstown, parish Donaghendry, County Tyrone. His address is listed as Killymurphy, and hers as Stewartstown. His father is listed as William McKee with occupation farmer, and hers is Henery Dinning or Denning with occupation shoe maker. But I have no proof that this Civil Marriage Record is of my Great Great Grandparents.)

Mary Ann McKee (nee Mccrystle) was born about 1847 (possibly in County Tyrone) and died in 1920 in Cumberland, RI, USA, age about 72. Parents John and Ann Mccrystle, both born in Ireland.

Marriage Jan 13, 1874, Cumberland, RI, USA. James was age 22, Mary Ann age 27. They had eight children, all born in Cumberland: William H. McKee in 1874, James Joseph in 1876 (my grandfather), Sarah J in 1877, Thomas Francis in 1880, John in 1881, George in 1883, Mary E in 1884, and Robert in 1886. All their children died in Cumberland, RI, USA.

Charles Graham was born June 26, 1877 Mullaghmoyle, Stewartstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, the son of Hugh Graham and Mary Ann Larmour. Birth Certificate, Obituary, Photo He died 25 Mar 1965 Carbon, Division No. 5, Alberta, Canada. His siblings were John b. 1867, Jane b. 1870, William b. 1865, Samuel b. 1872, d. 1945 (Buried Olds, Division No. 6, Alberta, Canada), Robert b. 1873, and James b. 1875. To the best of my knowledge they were all born at the same location. The only family member I know that stayed in Ireland was Jane who married Robert Battersby born 1850.