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Name Birth/Death Submitter
Boak, Charles b.1776; d.1866 Sandy Grace
Boak, Charles M. b.c.1835; d.1904 Sandy Grace
Boak, Elizabeth ? Sandy Grace
Boak, James b.c.1792; d.1882 Sandy Grace
Boak (nee Woods), Jane Smith b.c.1836; d.1888 Sandy Grace
Boak, John ? Sandy Grace
Boak (nee Calderwood), Mary d.1833 Sandy Grace
Boak, Robert b.c.1789; d.1867 Sandy Grace
Boak, Robert b.1827; d.1912 Sandy Grace
Boak, Sarah ? Sandy Grace
Boak, William b.1784; d.bef.1830 Sandy Grace
Bois (Boyes), Owen b.1800; d.1828 Greg Casey
Bois (Boyes), Thomas b.1813; d.1832 Greg Casey
Bois (Boyes), Tully b.1776; d.1832 Greg Casey
Calderwood, Anges Nancy b.c.1798; d.1875 Sandy Grace
Calderwood, Elizabeht b.c.1811; d.1875 Sandy Grace
Calderwood (nee Hanson), Isabella d.1838 Sandy Grace
Calderwood, Jemima b.c.1815; d.1897 Sandy Grace
Calderwood, John b.c.1769; d.1838 Sandy Grace
Carbrey, James b.1814; d.1870 Greg Casey

Casey, James Andrew

b.1843; d.1890 Greg Casey
Coleman, Mary Elizabeth (nee Crozier) b.1895; d.1959 Mary Jarvis
Coleman, Michael b.1889; d.1973 Mary Jarvis
Conlon, Bridget b.1877; d.1958 Mary Jarvis
Conlon, Margaret b.1881; d.1945 Mary Jarvis
Conway, Elizabeth Mary (nee Crozier) b.1858; d.1936 Mary Jarvis
Conway, John b.1857; d.1941 Mary Jarvis
Creighton, Robert W. b.1835; d.1895 Greg Casey
Crozier, Ellen (nee Devlin) b.1850; d.1932 Mary Jarvis
Crozier, Francis b.1843; d.1921 Mary Jarvis
Crozier, Margaret b.1854; d.1914 Mary Jarvis
Crozier, Mark b.1872; d.1893 Mary Jarvis
Cunningham, Catherine (nee McDevitt) b.1874; d.1955) Laura Reich
Daily, Francis D. b.1823; d.1864 Greg Casey
Devlin, Joseph b.1854; d.1914 Tomas Devlin
Donahue, James b.1879; d.1945 Mary Jarvis
Donahue, Margaret Anne (nee Crozier) b.1889; d.1962 Mary Jarvis
Duffin, James b.c.1790; d.1872 Peggy Gordon
Dunlap, John b.1747; d.1812 Jim McKane
Ewing, James b.c.1829; d.c.1897 Karen Miller
Ewing, Joseph b.1833; d.1874 Karen Miller
Ewing, Samuel b.1834; d.1912 Karen Miller
Fitzgerald, Ann (nee Hynes) b.1798; d.1868 Greg Casey
Gallagher, Catherine b.c.1799; d.1872 Craig Gallagher
Gallagher, James J. Jr. b.c.1826; d.1903 Craig Gallagher
Gallagher, James J. Sr. b.c.1800; d.1865 Craig Gallagher
Gallagher, Mary (nee McDevitt)

b.1861; d.1921

Laura Reich
Gannon, Ellen (nee McDevitt) b.1867; d.1896 Laura Reich
Hadden, George b.1812; d.1899 Annie Crenshaw
Hadden, Martha (nee Tipple or Tipson) b.1816; d.1893 Annie Crenshaw
Hamilton, John Stuart b.1840; d.1919 Stan Shockley
Harrison, Margaret (nee McDevitt) b.1866; d.1950 Laura Reich
Hynes, Ellen b.1800; d.1850 Greg Casey
Jack, John b.1805; d.1875 Liz Fitzgerald
Johnston, William b.1832; d.1901 William Houston
Kelley, Mary (nee Brown) b.1819;d.1897 Greg Casey
Kelly, Catherine (nee Keenan) b.1799; d.1871 Greg Casey
Mallahan, Thomas b.1828; d.1902 Greg Casey
McAleer, Catherine (nee Tague) b.1851; d.1894 Greg Casey
McAleer, Pvt. Charles H. b.1862; d.1898 Greg Casey
McAleer, Peter b.1829; d.1899 Greg Casey
McAshee, Andrew b.1804; d.1884 Liz Fitzgerald
McAshee, Annie Jane b.1861; d.1931 Liz Fitzgerald
McAshee, Elizabeth b.1867; d.1937 Liz Fitzgerald
McAshee, Isabella b.1855; d.1942 Liz Fitzgerald
McAshee, John James b.1859; d.1941 Liz Fitzgerald
McAshee, Mary b.1852; d.1928 Liz Fitzgerald
McAshee, Mary Ann (nee Jack) b.1829; d.1891 Liz Fitzgerald
McAshee, Thomas b.1867; d.1899 Liz Fitzgerald
McChesney, Jane (nee Calderwood) b.c.1744; d.1851 Sandy Grace
McChesney, William ? Sandy Grace
McCourt, Sarah A. (Sadie) (nee Crozier) b.1891; d.1972 Mary Jarvis
McCoy, Briget b. 1802; d.1837 Greg Casey
McCullough, James b.c.1807; d.1879 Maureen Thomas
McCullough, Mary b.c.1812; d.1867 Maureen Thomas
McCullow, Charles b.1842; d.1872 Greg Casey
McCullow, Ellen b.1833; d.1878 Greg Casey
McCullow, George b.1847; d.1909 Greg Casey
McCullow, Sarah b.1844; d.1904 Greg Casey
McGurk, Patrick Henry b.1819; d.1899 Annie Crenshaw
McHugh, Patrick b.1865; d.1950 Stacey-Rae McCue
McKenna, Bernard b.1799; d.1830 Greg Casey
McManus, Patrick b.1789; d.1861 Greg Casey
McNally, Thomas b.1845; d,1883 Greg Casey
McNamee, Bridget (nee Clarke) b.c.1861; d.1932 Doug McNamee
McNamee, Patrick Paul b.c.1864; d.1912 Doug McNamee
McQuade, George H. b.1829; d.1906 JoAnn Varel
McWilliams, John b.c.1807; d.1859 Craig Gallagher
McWilliams, Margaret (nee Gallagher) b.c.1807; d.1859 Craig Gallagher
Mitchell, Fanny (nee Cooper) b.1871; d.1942 Shannon Michael
Mitchell, William b.1870; d.1946 Shannon Michael
Nelson, Eliza Jane b.c.1830; d.1910 Rob Gibson
Nelson, James b.c.1809; d.1886 Rob Gibson
Nelson, Jane (nee Stewart) b.1812; d.1885 Rob Gibson
Nelson, Martha b.1833; d.1888 Rob Gibson
Nelson, William Charles b.1839; d.1862 Rob Gibson
O'Neill, John b.1866; d.1932 Maureen Thomas
O'Neill, Sarah (nee Mallon) b.1855; d.1922 Tim McAllister
Porter, Matilda (nee McCormick) b.1883; d.1958 Shannon Michael
Quinn, Frank b.1810; d.1885 C. E. Martin
Robinson, John A. b.1876; d.1961 Shannon Michael
Semple, James b.1873; d.1947 Shannon Michael
Sproule, Elizabeth Nelson (nee Semple) b.1865; d.1931 Shannon Michael
Swift, Catherine 'Kate' b.c.1825; d.1800 Craig Gallagher
Swift, James b.c.1823; d.1864 Craig Gallagher
Swift, Mary (nee Gallagher) b.1798; d.1867 Craig Gallagher
Wardlaw, Robert Leech b.1824; d.1866 Shannon Michael
Winters, Francis 'Frank' b.1874; d.1929 Tim McAllister
Winters, Margaret (nee O'Neill) b.1885; d.1918 Tim McAllister
Winters, Michael b.1866; d.1939 Tim McAllister
Wright, Andrew b.1842; d.1929 Dennis Wright
Wright, Sarah A. (nee Baxter) b.1849, d.1924 Dennis Wright
Frank Quinn b.1810 County Tyrone, d.24 Dec 1885 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, USA.
Buried Prince of Peace Mount Hope Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine m. Margaret  b. Ireland c. 1815 
d. 21 January 1899.  Buried Prince of Peace Mt. Hope Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine. Issue: (All born Maine) Roseanna 1850-?; John William 1852- c.1920; Mark 1854, James 1858.

Michael Coleman, son of Stewart Coleman and Sarah Taylor, b. 25 Aug 1889, Ardboe, Co. Tyrone; d. 11 May 1973, Tewksbury, MA, USA. He married Mary Elizabeth “Bessie” Crozier, daughter of John Crozier and Catherine McIvor, b. 19 Jan 1895, Derrychrin, Co. Tyrone, d. 4 May 1959, Cumberland, RI, USA. Both buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Cumberland, RI (gravestone)

James Donahue, son of Henry Donahue (Donaghy) and Margaret Taylor, b. 8 Aug 1879, Gortigal, Co. Tyrone; d. 9 Feb 1945, Central Falls, RI, USA, married Margaret Anne Crozier, daughter of John Crozier and Catherine McIvor, b. 1 Feb 1889, Moortown, Co. Tyrone, d. 3 Aug 1962, Pawtucket, RI. Both buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Cumberland, RI (gravestone)

Sarah A. “Sadie” McCourt (nee Crozier), daughter of Owen Crozier and Margaret Conlon, b. 23 Aug 1891, Clunto Richardson, Co. Tyrone; d. 6 Apr 1972, RI; married Joseph H. McCourt b.1885, d.1965. Both buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Cumberland, RI (gravestone)

Francis Crozier, son of George Crozier and Mary “Molly” Quinn, b. 22 Dec 1843, Moortown, Co. Tyrone; d. 20 Oct 1921, Cumberland, RI. He married Ellen Devlin, daughter of James Devlin and Sarah McKeown, B. 10 Apr 1850, Tamnavally, Co. Tyrone, d. 27 Dec 1932, Cumberland, RI. Their son Mark Crozier, b. 8 Dec 1872, near Arboe, Co. Tyrone, d. 1893, RI. All buried St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Cumberland, RI. (gravestone)

John Conway, son of John Conway and Mary A. O’Neill, b. 7 Aug 1857,  Co. Tyrone, d. 15 Jan 1941, Cumberland, RI. He married Elizabeth Mary “Liza” Crozier, daughter of George Crozier and Mary “Molly” Quinn, b. 8 Oct 1858, Clunto Richardson, Co. Tyrone; d. 19 Apr 1936, Cumberland, RI. (gravestone)

Margaret Conlon, daughter of Patrick Conlon and Anne Crozier, b. 3 Jul 1881, Aneetermore, Co. Tyrone; d. 1945, Cumberland, RI. Her sister Bridget Conlon, b. 17 Dec 1877, Aneetermore, Co. Tyrone; d. 1958, RI. Both buried St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Cumberland, RI. (gravestone)

Margaret Crozier, daughter of George Crozier and Mary “Molly” Quinn, b. 15 Jan 1854, Clunto Richardson, Co. Tyrone; d. 14 Jan 1918, Cumberland, RI. Buried St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Cumberland, RI. (gravestone)

James McCullough b.c.1807, Co. Tyrone; died 6 Nov 1879 (gravestone). Buried Old Baptist Cemetery, Frankfort, Ross County, Ohio.
Mary McCullough b.c.1812, Co. Tyrone; died 9 Mar 1867 (gravestone). Buried Old Baptist Cemetery, Frankfort, Ross County, Ohio.
John O’Neill b.1866 [gravestone incorrectly shows 1868], Coalisland, Donaghenry, Co. Tyrone; d.1932. Parents Patrick O’Neill & Catherine Gervin. Emigrated May 1880. Buried in Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. (gravestone)
Charles Boak - b. 1776, d. 12 Nov 1866. Married Mary Bell in 1816, she is from Ireland (more detail is not known). They had 11 children: William, Rebecca, Margaret, Eliza, Aaron, Robert, Charles, Mary Ann, James Washington, Sarah Ellen, and Martha Jane. Both Charles and Mary are buried at Rose Point Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rose Point, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, USA Charles gravestone marker is still there. Mary's marker had broken and was removed for repair but never returned. Markers
William Boak b. Abt 1784 d. Bef 1830. Married Martha Bradley b. 1780, Ireland (more detail is not known). Per an 1830 census they had 4 children, 2 daughters and two sons. The sons were named John and Charles. William died in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, USA. "William and Martha (Bradley) Boak, natives of Ireland, though married in Scotland. William Boak carried on a distillery in Beaver county, and was a large landowner in his day. He belonged to the Presbyterian Church, and was a man of much prominence in the community." Source: Biographical Annals of Lancaster, Pennsylvania (where their granddaughter lived: Mary Bradley Boak married to Lewis Brinton)
Robert Boak b. Abt 1789, d. 2 Mar 1867. Married Mary Calderwood* b bef 1816 and died 12 Aug 1833 from cholera. She is also originally from Tyrone, NI and moved to the USA at age 2. Robert and Mary had 4 children: Jane, Margaret (Maggie Eliza) Calderwood, John Calderwood, and Robert (III) After Mary died of cholera 12 Aug 1833 Robert married Jane _____ also from Ireland (b. c. 1806 d 21 Jul 1898. No further information is known). Robert attended Wylie Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as did his brother James. Several of his children were baptized at this church. Robert (Jr) was buried  5 Mar 1867, Franklin Cemetery, Kensington, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA Jane was buried 23 Jul 1898, Franklin Cemetery, Kensington, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
James Boak b. c. 1792  d 8 Oct 1882. Married abt 1832 to Elizabeth Jane McCreary b. Abt 1805, d. 7 Mar 1879. James and Elizabeth had 3 children: Mary Isabella, John, and Charles. James attended Wylie Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as did his brother Robert. Several of his children were baptized at this church. James was buried 13 Oct 1882, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
Elizabeth (Eliza) BOAK - Her father was born circa 1740 and siblings with known DOB in the 1770s-1790s. Eliza lived in, and thought to have died in, Ohio. Per 1883 letter from Robert Boak (Jr) to his brother Charles Boak: "Of my sister Elizabeth I know nothing the last acct. I received from yourself That she had removed to the state of Ohio. From no other quarter but from you have I heard anything respecting her." Notes from another family member indicated Sarah had married "A Dutchman".
Sarah Boak - Her father was born circa 1740 and siblings with known DOB in the 1770s-1790s. Sarah lived in, and thought to have died in, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Per 1883 letter from Robert Boak (Jr) to his brother Charles Boak: "My sister Sarah arrived in Phila. last fall with her husband is every day at work. She has three children, two Sons and one Daughter. her Eldest son is learned to a trade."
John Boak - His father was born circa 1740 and siblings with known DOB in the 1770s-1790s. John lived in, and thought to have died in, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Per 1883 letter from Robert Boak (Jr) to his brother Charles Boak: "Our brother John is married has no children…" Later family notes indicate John had two daughters, Mary and Martha. Mary converted and became a Catholic nun.
John Calderwood & family came out of County Tyrone, Ireland to America in 1816. The family boarded the Brig Wellington at the port of Newry, County Down, Ireland and arrived at the port of Philadelphia on August 5, 1816. In the Calderwood party were:
    John (b.c. 1769 d 1 Jun 1838 Big Beaver, Beaver County, Pennsylvania)
    Isabella (nee Hanson) (b? d 3 Mar 1838 Big Beaver, Beaver County, Pennsylvania)
    Elizabeth (aka Isabella; b c 1811, d 26 Jan 1875, Beaver County, Pennsylvania)
    Jemima (b c 1815, d 25 Dec 1897 Lawrence County, Pennsylvania; married Rev James Black)
    Agnes (middle name Nancy. b c 1798 d 10 Jun 1875, Scott TWP., Lawrence County, Pennsylvania; married John Davis)
    Mary (see above - spouse of Robert Boak (Jr.)
    In addition, Jane (Calderwood) McChesney (b c 1744-d 1851in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania) and her husband, William McChesney, were also aboard the ship.
    [Source: Tepper, Michael: Passenger Arrivals at the port of Philadelphia 1800-1819, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986]
James Duffin was born in Kilsally, Co. Tyrone 1790-1791. He emigrated with his family May 15 - 25, 1850 to Brookfield, Ohio but by 1857, he had moved to a farm 8 miles west of Rochester on the Mantorville Road in Kalmar Township, Olmsted Co, Minnesota where he died Apr 22 ,1872.

George H. McQuade was born 18 November 1829 in Co. Tyrone, Ireland. His parents were: Dominick (1800- ) and Susan McQuade (1810 ------). He came to America in 1846 and resided in St. Louis. On 6 December 1855, he married (Mrs.) Catherine Ramsey Tague, born 26 January 1826 in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, the daughter of George & Margaret Ramsey. George H. McQuade died 5 May 1906 and his wife, Catherine Ramsey McQuade on 11 April 1900. Both are buried in St. Felicitas Cemetery, Beaver Prairie, Wheatfield Township, Clinton County, Illinois. Etched in Catherine’s tombstone are the words “Peace Perfect Peace”.

Obituary - “George H. McQuade, Sr., aged 77 years, died at his home in Beaver Prairie [Clinton Co, Illinois] Thursday afternoon at 1 o’clock. Deceased was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, in 1829 and in 1846 (age 17) he emigrated to this country, making St. Louis his new home {in an area called Kerry Patch}. Here he married Mrs. Catherine Ramsey Montague. In 1873, he removed to Beaver Prairie, this county, where he engaged in farming. This he kept up until old age called a halt, where upon the three sons managed his 640 acre farm. Through good management and industry he accumulated a fair share of this world’s goods. His qualities as a man and a citizen endeared him to all his neighbors. The funeral will take place from the Beaver Prairie Catholic Church Saturday morning at 9 o’clock {5/12/1906}. Three sons and 16 grandchildren survive him.”

Patrick Paul McNamee b.c. 1864 Co. Tyrone and died 27 May 1912. He emigrated to the USA c. 1880. He owned the McNamee Charcoal Company, a very successful business in Brooklyn, NY. His wife, Bridget Clarke was b.c. 1861 Co. Tyrone and died 20 June 1932. They are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens, New York.
Joseph Devlin AKA Joe Mor or Big Joe b. March 1854 in the townland of Ardean, Co. Tyrone and passed away September 19, 1914 at the age of 60, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He was one of the children of Patrick Devlin (1811-1888) & Rose Mallon (18xx-1893) baptized in Ardboe Parish, Archdiocese of Armagh, April 2, 1854, Sponsors: John Hannon & Bridget Devlin. He emigrated to USA circa 1882 and settled in Philadelphia were he married Ellen Ryan (1855-1917) in September 5, 1883 at the Church of Immaculate Conception. Their children were Helen Kathleen Devlin; Joseph S. Devlin; William George Devlin; Rose Devlin; Thomas Aloysius Devlin; John P. Devlin; Charles Stephen Atwood Devlin. According to his Death Certificate, Joseph died of endocarditis and cirrhosis of the liver. He was buried in New Cathedral Cemetery on September 23, 1914.

John Stuart Hamilton, son of William and Sarah (nee Stewart) Hamilton was born March 28, 1840 in Claudy, Urney, Tyrone, Ireland. William was a Miller by trade. John was baptized September 19, 1841 in the Parish of Urney, County of Tyrone, Ireland, Derry Dioceses. John came to America June 26, 1848 on the ship Ashburton with his mother Sarah and his siblings. Departure was Liverpool, England and arrival was at the port of New York City, county of New York. His mother was 37, Mary 17, Jane 15, Sarah Anne 14, Elizabeth 12, Henry 10, our John Stuart at 8, Margaret 4, and Stewart 1. All of his siblings were born in Claudy, Urney, Tyrone, Ireland according to family records.

On July 16, 1862, he mustered into Co. K 19th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry as a Private in the “War of Rebellion” (Civil War). He was injured in the Battle at Vicksburg in 1863. He was honorably discharged at Mobile Alabama July 1, 1865. Later in life he received a pension for his injuries.

John Stuart returned to Iowa. On October 28, 1868, he married Ruth Ann Martin in the home of her father, John T. Martin near Cairo, Louisa County, Iowa.

John’s occupation was a farmer. John and Ruth moved from Iowa to Kansas during the 1870’s near Winfield and from Kansas to Oklahoma in 1896. They homesteaded Lots 1 and 2 and the S2 NE4 Section 3, Township 20, Range 15 West containing 183.61 acres. His homesteads certificate No. was 5260 and application number was 7980, Woods County, Oklahoma, Territory, now Major, County.

Children of John Stuart & Ruth (Martin) Hamilton are:
William Stuart b. March 16, 1870, Winfield, Iowa
John Irve b. February 5, 1872, Winfield, Iowa
Charles Curtis b. September 5, 1874, Winfield, Kansas
Baby Hamilton b. December 19, 1877, Winfield, Kansas
Henry Walter b. May 12, 1882, Winfield, Kansas
Martin Scott b. August 11, 1885, Winfield, Kansas

John Stuart Hamilton died at his homestead November 19, 1919 at 5:00 a.m. with heart problems. He signed the homestead to Ruth and left her, 2 milk cows, 2 workhorses and $94.48 in the bank.

The following is copied from John Stuart Hamilton’s obituary:
“Uncle John” as he was familiarly known to all
his friends, will be missed in the neighborhood
and especially in the councils of the Republican
Party of this county. He was a good friend to all
Who knew him and thus another of the “Old Boys”
Who wore the blue, has passed to the final roll
Call; Honored, respected and sadly missed by a
Large circle of friends. The sympathy of the
Entire county is extended to the bereaved relatives.

Written by: Great Grand-daughter, Betty (Hurt) Martin, Fairview, Oklahoma

James Ewing (b. abt 1829, Co. Tyrone - d. bef 1897) description of military service in the American Civil War - A son of William and Margery (Hopper) Ewing of County Tyrone, Ireland, James was a “brave soldier for the Union, during the Civil War, and lost an arm in the service of his country.” [76:507]. A Private of Company F, 46th [sic] Pennsylvania Militia. [2] James Ewing was mustered into the 49th Regiment, Company H on February 16, 18645 and was discharged on a surgeon’s certificate on January 16, 1865. [2] James died sometime before 1897. He was a brother of Captain (of canal boats) William H. Ewing, coal and lumber dealer of Newton Hamilton. [76:607] There is no pension file for James Ewing at the National Archives. [115] Source: Charles F. Faust, compiler, Newton Hamilton and Wayne Township Soldiers in the Civil War: an ongoing project of the Aughwick Civil War Roundtable, Three Springs Pennsylvania, Rev. ed. August 1993, p.11. Sources cited in the text: [2] Bates, Samuel, History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65, Harrisburg: Singerly, 1871. [76] Commemorative Encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley (two volumes) illus., Chambersburg, Runk, 1897. [115] Pension cards and files at the National Archives.

Joseph Ewing (1833, Co. Tyrone-1874) military service in the American Civil War 1861-1865 - Joseph Ewing born December 23, 1833 in Lyman County [sic], Ireland, Joseph Ewing was 5’11 with a fair complexion, gray eyes and dark hair when discharged at age thirty two. [151]. “Joseph [was] a brave Union soldier of the illustrious 49th Pennsylvania Volunteers.” [76:507] In Bates, Sergeant Joseph Ewing is found in Company B. [2] Joseph was a son of William and Margery (Hopper) Ewing and a brother of James and William of the Newton Hamilton [Pennsylvania] area. [76:507] In Westbrook, Joseph Ewing, aged twenty-one, is listed as 4th corporal of Company K, transferred to Company B. He was promoted to Sergeant November 15, 1862 and to First Sergeant October , 1864. He was discharged July 15, 1965. [276] Joseph Ewing’s National Archives file reveals that he married Mary Jane Harvey on December 12, 1855, at Lewistown [Pennsylvania]. The minister was Reverend James S. Woods. Joseph was in the field hospital in July, 1962 at Harrisons Landing, Virginia, with swamp and malarial fever. He was then sent to a New York hospital. Discharged at a camp near Hall’s Hill, Joseph worked on the railroad in 1866 and 1867 and on the canal in 1868. He was aged 49 in 1881. Affiants included his brother, Samuel Ewing, F. B. Smelker, a farmer, and J. B. Miller, hotel keeper. Mentioned in his pension file are Absolem Walls, Company M, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry and J. S. Hill of 49 B. One of the affiants said there were two Joseph Ewings from the area; one was known as “Whiskey” and the other “Drake” [Joseph Bell Ewing 1826-1914 married Nancy Drake Walker]. Joseph and Mary Jane’s children were Gettysburg, born November 19, 1863; John R., born July 7, 1866; Mary, born March 9, 1869 and Mary Maud, born September 21, 1871. [115] Source: Source: Charles F. Faust, compiler, Newton Hamilton and Wayne Township Soldiers in the Civil War: an ongoing project of the Aughwick Civil War Roundtable, Three Springs Pennsylvania, Rev. ed. August 1993, p.11. Sources cited in the text: [2] Bates, Samuel, History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65, Harrisburg: Singerly, 1871. [76] Commemorative Encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley (two volumes) illus., Chambersburg, Runk, 1897. [115] Pension cards and files at the National Archives. [276] Westbrook, Robert S. History of the 49th Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1898.

Samuel Ewing (1834, Co. Tyrone-1912) military service in the American Civil War 1861-1865 - Samuel Ewing was a Private in the 49th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company K until January 11, 1863 when his Company was consolidated with Company B. Mustered August 18, 1861, he was wounded and taken prisoner May 10, 1864. He was absent, in a hospital, at muster out. [2] an article in Runk read, in part: “Samuel Ewing, undertaker and wagon builder, was born February 19, 1834 in County Tyrone, Ireland….a son of William and Margaret (Hopper) Ewing…Enlisted at McVeytown…he participated in thirty two battles. He was wounded at…the Wilderness…having his leg broken below the knee. He lay on the field for 10 days and was then captured and taken to Richmond, where for three months he endured cruel treatment and starvation fare.: [76:510]. In Westbrook, he is said to have buried James M. Wharton on the Spotsylvania battlefield when he was killed May 12, 1864. [276]. At one time, in prison, he watched for three hours for a chance to kill and eat a rat…” [76:510]. He made a deposition for Jacob L. Hill concerning his pension claim for rheumatism. [115] Samuel Ewing was born 1834 (Hoenstine [136] says 1844) died 1912, buried at Newton Hamilton Memorial Cemetery. His wife, Catherine [E. (Wharton) 76:397] Ewing is also buried there. [263] Samuel died August 28, 1914 [sic] [115] He fought at Gettysburg; his name is on the Pennsylvania Memorial tablet of the Regiment. [23]k A list of wounded printed in the Lewistown Gazette on May 25, 1864 included Samuel Ewing. Source: Source: Charles F. Faust, compiler, Newton Hamilton and Wayne Township Soldiers in the Civil War: an ongoing project of the Aughwick Civil War Roundtable, Three Springs Pennsylvania, Rev. ed. August 1993, p.12. Sources cited in the text: [2] Bates, Samuel, History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65, Harrisburg: Singerly, 1871. [76] Commemorative Encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley (two volumes) illus., Chambersburg, Runk, 1897. [115] Pension cards and files at the National Archives. [136] Hoenstine, Floyd G. Military services and genealogy records of soldiers of Blair County. Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, 1940. [276] Westbrook, Robert S. History of the 49th Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1898.

Gravestone of James Carbrey (1814-1870) native of Dunnamanagh, in the Parish of Donaghedy, County Tyrone. Son of Hugh and Sarah Carbrey. Erected by his wife Catherine (Flood) Carbrey. Holyhood Cemetery in Brookline MA, USA.
Mary Ann McAshee (nee Jack) (1829 Co. Tyrone – 1891 Chicago, Illinois, USA) Daughter of John Jack (1805-1875) of Tikernaghan. Mary Ann married Andrew Mcashee (1804-1884) of Cavanalee, Parish of Camus 2 July 1847 in the Presbyterian Church in Dunnemana. After he died on March 17, 1884, she went with five of her nine children to New York, USA. They arrived in 1884 with the intent to go to Chicago. The ship, State of Alabama from Glasgow, Scotland on July 19 1884. (Source Citation for New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957) The McAshee children were born in Cavanalee, Parish of Camus - Annie Jane 1861-1931 Chicago, Illinois; Mary 1852-1928 Chicago, Illinois; Isabella 1855-1942 Chicago, Illinois; Thomas 1867-1899 Chicago, Illinois; Elizabeth 1867-1937 Cleveland, Ohio. John James born 1859 died Chicago, Illinois 1941 had come to Chicago separately. According to the 1930 U.S. census he came in 1901.
Gravestone of Tully Bois (aka Boyse) (1776-1832), husband of Bridget. Sons Owen(John) Bois (1800-1828), Thomas Bois (1813-1832) natives of the Parish of Clogher, County Tyrone. St. Augustine's Cemetery in Boston, MA.
Gravestone of Bernard McKenna (1799-1830) native of County Tyrone, and his wife Abigail (Perkins) McKenna, and children, Alice and Hugh. St. Augustine's Cemetery in Boston, MA.

McGURK -- In San Andreas. Cal., June 17, 1899. P. H. McGurk[Patrick Henry], beloved husband of Mary A. McGurk[Mary Ann Connolly], and father of John, Charles. James and Margaret McGurk. Mrs. Barringer, Mrs. Dumontier and the late Mary A., William, and Henry McGurk. A native of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 80 years and 4 months. A requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul this day (Tuesday), at St. Paul's Church, corner Twenty-ninth and Church streets, commencing at 10:30 o'clock. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. Source: "San Francisco Call" newspaper - Volume 86, Number 20, 20 June 1899

And from Memorial #113203596 -
Patrick Henry McGurk
Birth 1819
County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
Death 18 Jun 1899 (aged 79–80)
Calaveras County, California, USA
Burial  Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery
Colma, San Mateo County, California, USA
Plot I 35 1 g

Family Members
Spouse: Mary Ann Connolly McGurk 1832–1925

Mary A McGurk unknown–1896
Martha McGurk Barringer unknown–1922
Rose A Asker unknown–1936
Margaret McGurk Augustine unknown–1944
Charles Henry McGurk 1857–1945
William J McGurk 1860–1896
James Edward McGurk 1864–1948
Henry Daniel McGurk 1869–1894

Tall obelisk monument topped with a cross, has both names: his and wife's, and other family names on other sides of obelisk:
Inscription on one face:
Patrick H. McGurk
Native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Died June 18, 1899
Aged 80 yrs.
Mary Ann
wife of Patrick H. McGurk
Died January 12, 1925
May their souls rest in peace.

Gravestone of Mary (Brown) Kelley (1819-1887) daughter of Andrew and Ann Brown. Native of County Tyrone. Wife of Edward Kelley, natives of Nova Scotia. Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline MA, USA.
John Dunlap(1747-1812) of Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland & The American Declaration of Independence. Link to CTI page

James Nelson was born in County Tyrone (probably in the townland of Townagh, Parish of Clogher) about 1809 (based on his age given in his death certificate) died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 29 Oct. 1886 and was buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, PA. He married by 1830 (based on estimated birth of their first known child) Jane Stewart (1812-1885), daughter of William and Elizabeth (Graham) Stewart of the townland of Lislane. Their first known child, Eliza Jane Nelson, was born about 1830 (based on her age given in her death certificate). She died in Philadelphia 17 Dec 1910. Their first son, John Nelson was baptized in the parish church of Clogher 13 Nov. 1836. The baptismal record describes his father as a “yeoman of Tonagh.” Other known children born in County Tyrone include Martha Nelson (1833-1888), William Charles Nelson (1839-1862) and Catherine Nelson, baptized at the Aughentaine Presbyterian Church 9 March 1841. John and Catherine presumably died young as no further record of them has been found.

James and his family emigrated to Philadelphia in 1841 or 1842, where another daughter Catherine (Kate) was born 6 August 1842. Three more children, Dorothea (1845-1870), Mary (1847-1928) and Joseph Stewart Nelson (1850-1851) were also born in Philadelphia. The earliest record of James in the Philadelphia city directories describes him as a shingle shaver, while later entries describe him as a shingle merchant and then a lumber merchant.

James’ surname may have originally been “Neilson,” as the 1829 Tithe Applotment Book for the townland of Townagh lists James Neilson, William Neilson the elder, William Neilson the second and William Neilson the younger. While there is no evidence that these men were related to James Nelson, the similarity of their names suggests that they might have been.

Gravestone of Bridget McCoy (1802-1837) native of County Tyrone. Wife of Daniel McCoy. Buried St. Augustine’s Cemetery in Boston, MA

George Hadden, sr., died at 6 o'clock Sunday morning, June 17th, at his home, No. 324 E. Franklin street, from illness due to advanced age. He was a native of Ireland, born in Tyrone County, A.D. 1812. In 1844 he married Martha Tipple and sailed immediately for America, to build them a home in the new world, the ship in which they sailed being seven weeks en voyage before reaching port, but now the same journey can be made in nearly as many days.

They settled at Leoni, where  Mr. Hadden was engaged in the grocery business until 1857, when he removed to Jackson, which has since been his home. Of the five children born to them but two are still living, George Hadden, jr., grocer No. 704 E. Main street, and John, who has been with his father as constant attendant the past year, the mother having departed this life Dec. 28th, 1894[sic – died 1893 see obit below].

These sturdy pioneers -- who have seen this undeveloped country reach its present perfected state of beauty and richness -- are rapidly taking voyage to the one which waits us all with its holden mysteries. Funeral at the residence, 324 E. Franklin street, Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Interment at Leoni cemetery. Jackson Citizen, Jackson, Jackson Co., Michigan Tuesday, June 19, 1900 

Hadden -  At the family residence, 324 E. Franklin st., Thursday, Dec. 28, Martha Hadden, aged 73 years. Deceased was the wife of George Hadden and had resided in Jackson about fifty years. The cause of death was la grippe, from which malady Mr. Hadden is very low. Jackson Citizen, Jackson, Jackson Co., Michigan Tuesday, January 2, 1894

In the Leoni Cemetery, Jackson, MI, George and Martha Hadden have matching, small, modern block markers with these inscriptions:
George Hadden  (1812-1899)
Martha Hadden  (1816-1893)

George and Martha's son John's 1924 death certificate gives his parents' names as "George Hadden" and "Martha Tipson."

George and Martha's son George's 1925 death certificate gives his parents' names as "George Hadden" and "Don't know."

1845 ship list has a "Geo. Hadden" with Martha that may be the same couple:
New York, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1820-1957
Date: May 28, 1845  / Ship name: "United Kingdom"
Port of Departure:  Liverpool, England
Port of Arrival:  New York, New York
Geo. Hadden - 22 - Labr.  [no country of origin listed]
Martha - 20
Other passengers in this list:  Irwin, Clark, McKnight, Connelly, McCallah, Allen, Mullin, Vance, Crawford, Armstrong, Dunlop, Johnston, Farrell, Gill, Williams

Gravestone of Thomas McNally (1845-1883) native of Carrickmore, County Tyrone. Son of Daniel and Ellen McNally. Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden MA, USA.
Gravestone of Catherine (Keenan) Kelly (1799-1871). Native of County Tyrone. Buried at Holyhood Cemetery in Brookline MA, USA
Gravestone of James Andrew Casey (1843-1890) native of Moy, County Tyrone. Son of James and Elizabeth (Pillar) Casey. Served in the Civil War as a private with Company I, 43rd Massachusetts Vol. Infantry. Buried at Calvary Cemetery in Boston MA, USA.

Charles M. Boak born c1835 Peacockbank, Strabane Lower, Co. Tyrone; died 4 Jan 1904; buried Machpelah Cemetery, Le Roy, Genesee County, New York, USA Gravestone  After he had emigrated to the USA, he returned to Co. Tyrone to marry Jane Smith Woods born c.1836 Glentimon, Urney. Co. Tyrone; died 9 Jan 1888. Also buried in Machpelah Cemetery, Le Roy, Genesee County, New York, USA. Gravestone Her parents were James Woods, Esq. (c1793 - 1870) and Margaret Knox (c1792 - 1872) both of Co Tyrone.

Robert Boak / Boag (he changed the spelling of his name around the time of his religious studies in Scotland) born Aug 1827 Peacockbank, Strabane Lower, Co. Tyrone; died 18 Jul 1912; buried Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA Gravestone

Charles & Robert's parents were Aaron Boak (c1781 - 1857) Gravestone and Ann Crockett (c1800 - 1863) Gravestone of Peacockbank, Co Tyrone. They were two of five sons.

Gravestone of Ann (Hynes) Fitzgerald (1798-1868) and her sister, Ellen Hynes (1800-1850) natives of County Tyrone. Buried St. Mary’s Cemetery, Randolph MA, USA.
Gravestone of Charles McCullow (1842-1872) and his sisters, Ellen McCullow (1833-1878) Sarah McCullow (1844-1904) natives of County Tyrone. Children of Darby and Rose (Fox) McCullow. Erected by their brother, George McCullow (1847-1909). Buried Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden MA, USA.

Francis "Frank" Winters was my great-grandfather. Born in Castlederg, 19 April 1874. Died in Andover, MA USA, May 1929. He emigrated first to Scotland about 1898, and then to America in 1909. His wife, Margaret O'Neill Winters, born in Coagh 6 March 1885. She died in Andover, MA 22 September 1918 one victim of the Spanish Flu pandemic.  She emigrated from Cookstown in December 1909 with her mother, Sarah Mallon O'Neill, and several siblings. Frank and Margaret met and married in Massachusetts and are buried in St. Augustine's Cemetery, Andover, MA.

His brother, Michael Winters, born in Castlederg 1866, died Andover MA 1939. He also is buried in St. Augustine's Cemetery, Andover, MA.

Sarah Mallon O'Neill, born in Ardboe, Co. Tyrone, 1855 and died in Andover, MA 1922 and buried in St. Augustine's Cemetery, Andover, MA. She is my great-great grandmother.

Gravestone of Catherine (Tague) McAleer (1851-1894) native of the Parish of Drummore, County Tyrone. Daughter of John and Catherine (Shannon) Tague. Buried Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden MA, USA.

Sarah A. Wright (nee Baxter) was born 10 May 1849 in County Tyrone. She immigrated to the US with her brothers and married Andrew Wright, Born 21 Feb 1842 Co. Tyrone, on 22 Jan 1872 In Morgan County, Illinois, USA. Sarah passed on 28 Sep 1924. Andrew died 4 Oct 1929. Both are buried in Ashland, Cass County, Illinois.

William Johnston born 12 July 1832; died 6 January 1901 see newspaper article Other names mentioned - Charles B. Seaman, Wallace Lyon, James B. Lyon, William Christie
Gravestone of Thomas Mallahan (1828-1902) native of Dunmore, County Tyrone. Son of Patrick Mallahan. Served in the Civil War as a corporal with Co. D of the 9th Massachusetts Infantry, and was wounded at Battle of Gaines’ Mill VA. Buried Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden MA, USA.
PORTER - On Nov. 9, 1958, of 1021 W. Dakota St., MATILDA (nee McCormick), wife of William J. Porter. Relatives, friends and members of Daughters of Ulster L.O.L.L. No. 170, are invited to the services Wed., 10 A.M., from her late residence. Int. Northwood Cemetery, Friends invited Tues. eve. Daughters of Ulster services 8:30 P.M. Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA, Tue., 11 Nov 1958, p. 35. She was born 3 Oct 1883 in Dromore, Co. Tyrone

Patrick McHugh b. 29 Jan 1865; baptised 23 Feb 1865, Ballymongan, Killeter, Tyrone. Son of James and Alice (Deary) McHugh. Emigrated to Boston, MA ca. 1890. Married: Johanna Burke 20 Aug 1893, St. Ann’s (RC) Church, 399 Medford St., Somerville, Middlesex, MA. Johannah Burke b. 20 Dec 1864 Aglish, Dromana, Waterford; Died 17 Oct 1941 Westport, Bristol, MA. They had 6 children with one stillborn, one died just over one year, one disappears from all public record after 1910 without any vital record of marriage or death, and 3 surviving into adulthood. Patrick McHugh died 27 Oct 1950, 8 Fairview Ter., Somerville, Middlesex, MA. Cause of death: Generalized Arteriosclerosis. Patrick and Johannah are buried together at Oak Grove Cemetery, 230 Playstead Rd, Medford, Middlesex, MA. Grave location: Curtain Lawn Section, H41 

Gravestone of Patrick McManus (1789-1861) native of Oughterard, County Tyrone. Buried Mount Auburn Catholic Cemetery in Watertown MA, USA
Gravestone of Francis D. Daily (1823-1864) native of Berragh, County Tyrone. Son of John and Mary Daily. Served in the Civil War as a private with Company E, 28th Massachusetts Infantry. Died of Tuberculosis in Cambridge MA. Buried Mount Auburn Catholic Cemetery in Watertown MA, USA.
Gravestone of Robert W. Creighton (1835-1895) native of County Tyrone. Son of Robert and Ann (Morrissey) Creighton. Served in the Civil War as a private in Co. H, 26th Pennsylvania Infantry. Buried St. Mary’s Cemetery in Lynn MA, USA.
Gravestone of Peter McAleer (1829-1899) native of County Tyrone. Son of John and Rose (McDonald) McAleer. Husband of Mary (Cunningham) McAleer. Also Gravestone of his son, Pvt. Charles H. McAleer (1862-1898) of Co. C of 9th Massachusetts Volunteers who was killed in the Spanish American War. Buried St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Watertown MA, USA.
Fanny (aka Fannie, nee Cooper) Mitchell, born 28 Sept 1871, Lisnacloon, Termonongan, Co. Tyrone to Sarah Jane Irwin and John Cooper married William Mitchell (b. 16 May 1870, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone to Mary Jane Harper and Alexander Mitchell) on 7 May 1903 in Castlederg. William migrated to the US in 1893 and Fannie in 1903 after their marriage. They lived in Caledonia, NY. They had no children. Fanny died in 1942. William died 6 Oct 1946. Both are buried in Mumford Rural Cemetery, Munroe Co., NY, USA. Fanny's Headstone William's Headstone

Four daughters from Castlederg, Kilclean Townland, Urney Parish, Co. Tyrone, of William McDevitt (McDade/McDaid)(c1845-1887), and Catherine Coyle(c1839-aft1911), immigrated to the USA:-

1. Mary McDevitt, b. 6 Mar 1861 in Kilclean immigrated 1881 and married Thomas Gallagher in 1887, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. They had 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys. Both Thomas and Mary Gallagher (d. 4 Oct 1921) are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Evanston, Cook Co., Illinois.

2. Margaret McDevitt, b. 1 Aug 1866 in Kilclean, immigrated 1882 and married John Harrison in 1888, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. They had 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. Both John and Margaret Harrison (d. 14 Jan 1950) are buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery at 2755 West 111th Street in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois.

3. Ellen McDevitt, b. 27 Oct 1867 in Kilclean, immigrated 1880 and married Edward Gannon in 1889, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. They had 4 boys. Ellen Gannon died in Denver, Colorado. Both Edward and Ellen Gannon (d. 24 Oct 1896) are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Evanston, Cook Co., Illinois.

4. Catherine (Kate) McDevitt, b. 6 Jul 1874 in Kilclean, immigrated about 1880 and married Frank Cunningham in 1896 in Denver, Colorado. They had 9 children, 3 girls and 6 boys, and settled in Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., Kansas. Both Frank and Catherine (d. 1955) are buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., Kansas

Four Gallagher siblings born in Co. Tyrone and buried in USA:-

1) Mary Gallagher, b. circa 1798 Co. Tyrone; died Albany, NY, Oct. 10, 1867. Married Hugh Swift (b. ca 1800 Co. Cavan; died Albany, NY June 1863). Mary and Hugh had two children born in Co. Tyrone, Col. James Swift, b. circa 1823; died Albany, NY, May 1864; and Catherine “Kate” Swift (b. ca 1825; d. aft. 1880). They emigrated to Albany, NY sometime between 1825 and 1832. One more child was born in Albany; Hugh Swift (b.c.1832; d.1869)

2) Catherine Gallagher, b. circa 1799 Co. Tyrone; died Albany, NY, March 28, 1872. Emigrated to Albany, NY sometime between 1835 and 1837. Never married, lived with her brother James, and then nephew James until her death.

3) James J. Gallagher, b. circa 1800 Co. Tyrone; died Albany, NY, October 1865. I have no record of any wife coming to America with James, but he was accompanied by his son James J. Gallagher, Jr. (born circa 1826 Co. Tyrone, died Albany, NY April 2, 1903. They emigrated to Albany between 1835 and 1837. James, Sr. never married while in America, James Jr. married (ca 1847) Mary Ann O’Brien (born Ire ca. 1830, d. Albany May 21, 1910).

4) Margaret Gallagher, b. circa 1807 Co. Tyrone, died Albany, NY, November 16,1892. Married John McWilliams (b. circa 1807 Co. Tyrone, died NY 1859). They emigrated to Albany before 1836. Margaret and John had 4 children all born in Albany: Michael (1836-1864); John (1839-1864); Mary (1841-died young); Margaret (1842-1909).

Robert Leech Wardlaw b.19 Jan 1824, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone; died 21 Jun 1866, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA; buried Green-wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. Headstone
John A. Robinson b.6 Jan 1876 Castlederg, Co. Tyrone; d. 13 Aug 1961 Livona, Livingston Co., NY, USA. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Geneseo, Livingston Co. NY Headstone
Elizabeth Sproule (nee Semple)  b.15 Nov 1864, Kirlish, Drumquin, Co. Tyrone to Patrick Semple & Mary Jane Jack. On 16 Apr 1888 at Castlederg, she married James Sproule. In 1893, they migrated to Lincoln, Nebraska, then moved to Corning, NY before living 25 years in Watkins Glen & Wedgewood. She died 6 Sep 1931 at Wedgewood, Schuyler County, NY. Headstone Birthdate on headstone is incorrect.
James Semple Sr. b.8 Oct 1873, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone; d.4 Jan 1947 Steuben Co., New York, USA; buried Hope Cemetery Annex, Corning, Steuben Co., NY Headstone