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Name Birth / Death Submitted by:
Adams, John b.1839; d.1921 Kyle Condon
Caldwell, James G. b.1809; d.1897 Avery Caldwell
Carpenter, Sarah (nee Clinton) b.1861; d.1934 Bob Wheatall
Chambers, Dr. Thomas b.1821; d. 1876 Thomas Keller Chambers
Clark, Michael b.c.1821; d.1879 Steve Murphy
Clark, Alice b.c.1824; d.1888 Steve Murphy
Connolly, Bridget (nee Friel) b.c.1890; d.1950 Linda Decker
Conway, Susan b.c.1860; d.1940 Jane Conway
Cornell, Anna b.1822; d.1895 Jeff Wilson
Coulter, Charles Stewart b.1830; d.1920 Barbara Coulter
Coulter, Eliza Catherine (nee Lambe) b.1848; d.1921 Barbara Coulter
Coulter, Isabella (nee Clendenning) b.1785; d.1865 Barbara Coulter
Coulter, Thomas b.1785; d.1872 Barbara Coulter
Donnelly, Mary (nee McGarrity) b.1864; d.1917 Ann Donnelly
Early, Bernard b.1830; d.1905 Brad Griffith
Early, Elizabeth d.1931 Steve Murphy
Early, Hannah b.c.1820; d. 1870 Brad Griffith
Early, Thomas Peter b.1824; d.1896 Brad Griffith
Ewing, William b.1790; d.1883 Mike Ewing
Fox, Edward b.c.1828; d.c.1869 Steve Murphy
Fox, Rose b.c.1832; d.1863 Steve Murphy
Gibson, John b.1802; d.1864 Nancy Frame
Gibson, Mary Margaret (nee Porter) b.1803; d.1870 Nancy Frame
Gillespie, Mary b.c.1828; d.1868 Janet Henriksen
Greer, Alexander b.1833; d.1904 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Andrew b.1828; d.1901 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Ann Jane (nee Clark) b.1809; d.1876 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Catherine (nee Lendrum) b.1791; d.1859 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Crozier b.1824 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Elizabeth b.1816; d.1897 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Erskine b.1832; d.1913 Steve Gordenier
Greer, George b.1814; d.1899 Steve Gordenier
Greer, George d.c.1815 Steve Gordenier
Greer, George M. b.1811; d.1902 Steve Gordenier
Greer, James b.1816; d.1875 Steve Gordenier
Greer, James Little b.1820; d.1916 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Jane b.1821; d.1900 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Jane b.1818; d.1865 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Jane (nee Little) b.1815; d.1875 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Jane Eliza (nee McMaster) b.1832; d.1926 Steve Gordenier
Greer, John b.1813; d.1896 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Joseph b.1815; d.1900 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Lendrum b.1826; d.1877 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Lucinda (nee Crozier) b.1788; d.1870 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Martin d. bef. 1834 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Nancy Letten (nee Hastings) b.1818; d.1905 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Richard b.1821; d.1868 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Robert b.1824; d.1871 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Robert b.1780; d.c.1833 Steve Gordenier
Greer, Robert Lendrum b.1827; d.1910 Steve Gordenier
Haines, Mary (aka Minnie nee McCord) b.1878; d.1958 Will Haines
Hamilton, Ellen (nee Greer) b.1822; d.1916 Steve Gordenier
Henderson, Isaac b.1857; d.1933 Seth Henderson
Henderson, Stewart b.1852; d.1907 Seth Henderson
Henderson, Susannah (nee Davidson) b. 1809; d. 1886 Susan Thomas
Hughes, Anna (nee McCanny/McKenna) b.1871; d.1903 Michael Sullivan
Hughes, James b.1871; d.1936 Michael Sullivan
Kennedy, Joseph b.1847; d.1935 Mary Kennedy
Kyle, John Albert b.c.1826; d.1910 Renee Boudreau
Liggett, Jane b.1773; d.1827 Michele Liggett
Liggett, Joseph b.1770; d.1841 Michele Liggett
Liggett, William b.c.1803; d.?? Michele Liggett
Linn, Hugh b.1753; d.1815 Loretta Layman
Linn, Sarah (nee Widney) d.1810 Loretta Layman
McClintock, James M. b.1825; d.1897 Steve Gordenier
McClintock, Lucy (nee Greer) b.1827; d.1903 Steve Gordenier
McCord, Benjamin b.1855; d.1922 Will Haines
McCord, Mary Jane (nee Cooper) b.1829; d.1905 Will Haines
McCord, Sarah Jane (nee Hamilton) b.1855; d.1940 Will Haines
McCray, Sarah (nee Clinton) b.1861; d.1934 Bob Wheatall
McCutcheon, Alexander b.1804; d.1873 Susan Thomas
McGarrity, Patrick b.1871; d.1936 Ann Donnelly
McMenamin, James b.c.1858 mack104[at]
Meehan, John b.1876; d.1934 Kim McGowan
Minmaugh, Michael b.c.1783; d.1863 Anonymous
Mulgrew, James b.1843; d.1891 Loree Muldowney
Mullin, Bridget b.c.1823; d.1891 Kim McGowan
Newman, Mary Ann M. (nee McConnell) b.1856, d. 1939 Barbara Finizia
O'Brien, John b.c.1837; d.1904 Marilynn Conway Dolan
O'Brien, Rose b.c.1835; d.1905 Marilynn Conway Dolan
Quinn, Bridget d.1913 Steve Murphy
Quinn, Daniel d.1886 Steve Murphy
Quinn, Daniel F. d.18?? Steve Murphy
Quinn, Edward b.c.1845, d.1892 Steve Murphy
Quinn, Hannah d.1876 Steve Murphy
Quinn, John H. d.1886 Steve Murphy
Quinn, Marie A. d.1886 Steve Murphy
Quinn, Mary d.Aug, ???8 Steve Murphy
Quinn, Patrick J. d.1890 Steve Murphy
Todd, Ann b.1837; d.1911 Dave Todd
Todd, Ellen b.1835; d.1914 Dave Todd
Todd, James J. b.1847; d.1925 Dave Todd
Todd, Jane b.1835; d.1915 Dave Todd
Todd, John b.1799; d.1881 Dave Todd
Todd, John D. b.1844; d.1920 Dave Todd
Todd, Margaret b.1842; d.1918 Dave Todd
Todd, Margaret (nee Skelly / Scully) d.1884 Dave Todd
Todd, Mary b.1846; d.1901 Dave Todd
Wildey, Mary Ann (nee Chambers) b.1828; d.1902 Thomas Keller Chambers
Williams, Anne (nee Conway) b.1874; d.1950 Jane Conway
Woodin, Sarah (nee Clinton) b.1861; d.1934 Bob Wheatall
Wright, Andrew b.1842; d.1929 Dennis Wright
Wright, James b.1839; d.1911 Dennis Wright
Mary McGarrity, born 14 August 1864, Six Mile Cross Married Michael J Donnelly, 1894, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Died 28 July 1917, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Patrick McGarrity, born 22 November 1871, Inishatieve Died 21 March 1936, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Erected by Frank Early in Memory of Elizabeth Early Native of Parish of Errigle Co. Tyrone, Ireland Died March 11, 1931. Also Lilly May Early Native of Plymouth, England Beloved Wife of Frank Early Died May 11, 1932. From tombstone in Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York

Large tombstone - Left side: Alice Daughter of James P. & Mary E. Farrell Died Jan 12, 1897 Aged 2 years & 1 month. Adele Farrell Sturges Died March 7, 1921, James P. Farrell died Aug 5, 1940, Mary F. Farrell Died June 29, 1944

Right Side: Edward Fox [from Lower Badona] Died Nov 18, 1869, Aged 41 Years Also His Beloved Wife Rose Died April 11, 1863 31 years Natives of Co. Tyrone, Ireland Also Their Children Edward and Mary. Alice Died Feb. 9, 1875 aged 21 Years. Edward Died June 21, 1885, Aged 22 Years. Patrick Died March 21, 1888, Aged 27 Years. John E. Fox died April 4, 1943. From tombstone in Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York

Michael Clark Died June 23, 1879, Aged 58 Years. Also His beloved Wife Alice Died June 19, 1888 Aged 64 Years. Natives of Co. Tyrone Ireland, also their children Mary and John. Charles F. Died Aug 15, 1869, Aged 18 Years. Edward C. Died Sept. 18, 1870, Aged 17 Years. Francis M. Died Aug 17, 1882, Aged 23 Years. From tombstone in Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York

In Memory of Mother Hannah Quinn, Died August 15, 1876, father Daniel Quinn died February 26, 1886, Brother John H. Quinn Died November 15, 1886 Sister Marie A. Quinn Died November 16, 1886, Brother Patrick J. Quinn Died September 8, 1890" Then on the other side it states: "Daniel F. Quinn Died Jan 2, 18??, Anna Fox Patrick Fox, Rose Fox, Mary Fox, Sarah Fox, Hannah Brown. From tombstone in Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York

The above Quinn's are relatives of mine. They are from Pomeroy Parish. Hannah Brannigan Quinn's NY herald obituary stated from "Old Donoughmore, county Tyrone" but I understand that the 2 parishes split and one part became Pomeroy and the other remained Donoughmore. A cross reference of baptismal records shows that they were from what would correspond to current day Pomeroy. Hannah Brannigan Quinn was from Munderrydoe townland in Pomeroy and the Daniel Quinn was from Gortnagarn townland in Pomeroy.

Erected by Bridget Quinn In Memory of Her Beloved Husband Edward Quinn, A Native of Co.Tyrone, Ireland Died Jan. 30. 1892 Aged 47 years. Also her sons Edward A. Quinn Died Sept. 13, 1888. Aged 27 Years. John F. Quinn Died March 28, 1892  Aged 33 Years. Bridget Quinn Died May 3rd 1913. From tombstone in Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York [Edward Quinn & Family are also related and they too are from Gortnagarn townland in Pomeroy]
Erected by John Quinn in Memory of His Beloved (Wife?) Mary Quinn ? Native of ? Tyrone ? ? And ? ? Who ? (died?) ?ug 16 ???8 (then 2 illegible lines) Harry E. Quinn ? ? Aged ? ?ears ...? ds Also of Bridget Maria Quinn beloved wife of John Quinn. Margaret ? Quinn ( 2 illegible lines) John Quinn Died August 20, 1916 ?ged ?? years William died May 10, 1928 Aged 50 years. From tombstone in Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York [much of tombstone illegible]
William Kyle b.c. 1808 Co. Tyrone and his wife Mary Cooper b.c. 1794 Co. Tyrone came to NB in 1829. William and Mary had three children in NB - William b.c.1837; Jane/Mary Jane Kyle b.1837 in NB who married Moses Chambers of NB. and Samuel Patrick Kyle b.1844 in NB who married Elizabeth Jane Ritchie who stayed in Sussex, NB. Mary's mother, Margary Cooper b.c. 1772, d. after 1851 in Kings County, NB, came to join them in NB in 1831. They lived in Sussex, NB so I assume they are buried in Sussex. 
John Albert Kyle b.c.1826-7, d.1910 eldest son of William Kyle and Mary Cooper emigrated from Co. Tyrone to Sussex, New Brunswick in 1829. He was raised in NB and married twice there, had a total of 9 children and moved his family to Woburn, Massachusetts. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA.
Alexander McCutcheon (deceased) was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, Oct. 10, 1804, a son of Claudius and Margaret (Graham) McCutcheon, Scotch Presbyterians. Alexander came to Pennsylvania in 1832, and located in Lancaster county, Pa., where he followed his trade of weaver. He then came to Allegheny City, shortly thereafter moving to Bocktown, Beaver county, and after eight years came to Findlay township and purchased a farm, where he died May 19, 1873. He was united in marriage July 29, 1841, with Rachel McCoy, born in Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 14, 1818, a daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Woods) McCoy. Isaac McCoy was born in Allegheny county, Pa., a son of James and Rachel (Meanor) McCoy. James was born in Ireland, and settled near Pittsburgh, Allegheny county. He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian Church, and were among the pioneers of Allegheny county. Alexander McCutcheon and wife had seven children:  James Mc.; Claudius, who died at the age of twenty-one; Alexander, married to Sarah J. Jackson, and residing on a farm in Moon township; Margaret, wife of Joseph Balford, a blacksmith at Sharon, Moon township; John, married to Anna M. Elder, residing on a farm in Findlay township, and Thomas, who married Elizabeth McCallister, and resides on the old homestead with his mother. Mrs McCutcheon is a member of the Presbyterian Church at Sharon.

Cushing, Thomas, Dr. (1975) 'Alexander McCutcheon'. A Genealogical and Biographical History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. p. 721.
Susannah Henderson (nee Davidson) b. 1809 in Co. Tyrone (on the Caledon Estate); m. 19 Jul 1829 in Quebec City, Quebec, Quebec, Canada to William Edward Henderson; d. 1886 in Paullina, O'Brien, Iowa, United States; Burial in Prairie View Cemetery, Paullina, O'Brien, Iowa, United States

Andrew Wright was born in Ballynafeagh, Arboe Parish in County Tyrone Ireland, on August 21, 1842. He died on October 4, 1929 in Jacksonville, Morgan, Ill and is buried in Ashland Cemetery, Cass County, Ill.

Obituary published October 11, 1929 in “The Ashland” Cass County, Illinois USA, Front Page - Andrew Wright, one of this community’s most substantial citizens and a longtime resident of Cass County, peacefully passed away at 7:50 o’clock last Friday morning at Our Savior’s hospital in Jacksonville, at the age of 88 years, 1 Month and 18 days. Mr. Wright had been a patient at the hospital for two weeks just before his death. Earlier in the year he was a patient there, but was able to leave it for the summer months. It is the writer’s good fortune to have known him long and well, and we him to esteem him more highly as the years passed by. We miss his friendly greeting and genial presence. He was a man of generous impulses, and never forgot the hospitable ways of the pioneer, nor passed a friend in need. Mr. Wright was born August 21, 1841 [sic 1842], in Tyrone County, Ireland. As a young man he came to the United States, lived for a time in Connecticut and Later in Philadelphia for a year. Then he came to Illinois and located on a farm near Alexander, where he had friends known from his boyhood days. On Jan.22, 1872 in Alexander neighborhood, he was married to Miss Sarah A. Baxter, who passed away in September, 1924. After living in the Alexander neighborhood for a period of years they removed to a farm near Murrayville and in 1888 their place of residence was changed to Cass County on a farm west of Ashland, which thereafter remained the family home. Mr. Wright was a successful farmer and always manifested a deep interest in community affairs. He was active in the Republican Party and in 1902 had the party nomination for the sheriff of Cass County. Mr. Wright was accounted one of the most successful citizens of Cass County: a man of strict integrity he had the faculty of making friends and keeping them. He lived a long and useful life and his final illness was due to the infirmity of age. Mr. Wright is survived by one daughter and four sons: Mrs. Jesse McNeely, Philadelphia, Ill.; Leonard G. Wright, Beardstown; Thomas H. Wright, Maroa; Joseph A. Wright and Nathaniel W. Wright, Ashland. The oldest son, James Wright, died in 1924. The funeral was held at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon at the Reynold’s Chapel in Jacksonville. Rev. W. C. Meeker, pastor of Westminister [sic] Presbyterian Church, conducted the services. Two solos were given by Mrs. Wm. Barr Brown, “Abide with me”, and “The City Four Square,” with Mrs. Ralph Hutchinson at the organ. Flowers were in charge of Mrs. Lancaster of Virginia. The bearers were four sons, Leonard G., Thomas H., Joseph A. and Nathaniel W. Wright: Jesse McNeely, son-in-law and James R. Baxter, a nephew. Following the services at Jacksonville, the body was brought here and laid to rest in the Ashland cemetery.

[For more info see biography]

Bridget FrIel emigrated from Ireland and lived in Philadelphia, PA. I have not been able to identify her date of emigration or ship. Her parents were Barney (proper name Jacobus/James) Friel, a gardener and Bridget (Margarita/Margaret) McDevitte (or McDaid) a housekeeper. At the time of her marriage to Edward Connolly (Connelly) the marriage application lists her address as City Line and 12th Street, Philadelphia. Bridget married Edward Connolly on 31 May 1916 at Holy Angels Catholic Church, Philadelphia. The church register list her baptism as being Doneloop, Tyrone on 12 October 1890 [Doneyloop RC Chapel is actually not in Co. Tyrone, but just across the county boundary in Dunnaloob, Co. Donegal. The civil parish is Urney which lies in both Tyrone and Donegal; therefore, it is possible she was born in Co. Tyrone but baptised in Co. Donegal]. There is also a document indicating she was born 12 October 1891. The family had 3 children: Margaret Theresa b. 1917, Edward Patrick b. 1918 and James Michael b. 1921. Bridget died in January 1950 and is buried at Our Lady of Grace in Langhorne, Pa.
William EWING was born 30 Oct 1790 in County Tyrone, Ireland and came to the US with his parents (names unknown) at about age six or seven. It appears that he resided in or near Chester county, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah MATHEWS (location unknown) on 11 Jan 1816 [Bible record]. They settled in Smith (later Hanover), Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, where they had the following children: Thomas W. (1818), John (1819), William (1821), Andrew Mathews (1823), Mary Jane (1825), Margaret (1827) and David Walker (1829). The family worshipped at Cross Roads Presbyterian Church while living in Smith. In 1836, the family left to settle in Monroe, Holmes, Ohio, USA and in 1848, left to settle finally in Harlem / Lancaster, Stephenson, Illinois, USA. William died at 93 years of age on 1 May 1883 [Bible record] in Harlem, Stephenson, Illinois, USA and is buried with his wife in Shelly Cemetery in Shannon, Carroll, Illinois, USA.
Sarah MCCRAY(nee Clinton) was born 28 Jan 1861, Tyrone, Ireland, probably near Omagh where her siblings were born, the daughter of James Clinton and Margaret Black; married first, Charles E. Battles (aka Carpenter) 15 Sep 1889, St. James Episcopal Church, Titusville, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania; divorced Charles E. Carpenter 11 Nov 1912 Crawford Co., Pennsylvania; married Samuel Woodin 15 Jan 1913 Crawford Co., Pennsylvania; married George McCray between 1922-1923; died 21 April 1934, Cambridge Springs, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania. [headstone]
Gillespie - On Thursday morning, March 26, Mary Gillespie, wife of Edward Gillespie, a native of the parish of Claher, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 40 years. The relatives and friends of the family  are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 366 West Twenty-sixth street, this (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock. The remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for interment. New York Herald, New York March 27, 1868. obit
Adams, John - died Apr. 19, 1921, Carson City, Nevada, USA. From the Reno Evening Gazette, Friday, 4/22/1921 - John Adams, late of Empire, who was severely burned about a year ago when his cabin was destroyed by fire, died at the county hospital Tuesday morning and his funeral took place this afternoon from a local undertaking parlor. He was born at Omeigh, Tyrone country, Ireland, March 15, 1839. Burial: Lone Mountain Cemetery Carson City Carson City Nevada, USA Plot: 1A-10-11
Published in the Elizabeth (New Jersey) Daily Journal on December 8, 1911 - JAMES WRIGHT, WELL KNOWN VETERAN, DEAD - Death claimed another veteran of the Civil War last night, when James Wright, of 75 Livingston Street, passed away, after a lingering Illness. Mr. Wright, who was very well known throughout the city, especially in the downtown section, served with distinction in the Fourth Artillery of New York, and saw action in most of the important engagements in the Region. His reminiscences of the war have been listened to with interest by many of those who were fortunate enough to know him. Mr. Wright was a native Ireland, and came to this country when but a young man. He had been a resident of Elizabeth for the past twenty seven years. He had led a retired life for fifteen years. Besides his widow, Mrs. Mary Wright he leaves four daughters, Mrs. Louis Miller of Brooklyn, Mrs. Frank Kylsih, Mrs. Herbert Jones and Mrs. William Davenport, all of this city: two sons, Albert Wright and Wilbur Wright; and one step-son, George Parsons, and fourteen grandchildren. [Transcribers note: Mrs. Herbert Jones and Mrs. William Davenport were step-daughters] He was a member of the Greystone Presbyterian Church and funeral services will be conducted by the pastor, the Rev. Joseph B. Ferguson.
James G. Caldwell, born November 9, 1809, Killen, Co. Tyrone; died on July 19, 1897; buried Pulaski Cemetery, Oswego Co., New York. He sailed on the ship "Asia" from Londonderry to Philadelphia arriving on June 18, 1832 (No other Caldwells were on this ship). He then moved to Collins, Erie Co., New York and met his wife, Eliza Williams, they had their first child there, Sgt. George W. Caldwell. James than moved to West Monroe, Oswego, New York, traveling with the parents and siblings of his wife Eliza (her parents names were Dr. Henry Williams and Judith Corkins, both of Welsh decent). James started a farm there and began to prosper. He had a total of eleven children. Three of whom died in the Civil War (Sgt. George W. Caldwell, Lieut. Albert W. Caldwell and James G. Caldwell Jr.) and two of whom died before they were a year old (Margerett, and Unknown first name). Dr. Henry E. Caldwell made it through the Civil War and became a prominent Dr. in the community of Pulaski, Oswego Co., New York. The other children's names were Sarah E., William, Lucy Ann (Trumball), Nathan A., and Deliah H.
John Meehan, born 1876, Co. Tyrone; died 1934, Wayne, PA; Buried Saint Denis Cemetery, Havertown, Delaware, Pennsylvania. A death certificate for this John Meehan on lists the following: Name: John Meehan; Born: 2 Mar 1876 in Ireland; Died: 9 Jul 1934 in Wayne, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA; Buried: 12 Jul 1934 at St. Denis Cemetery - Havertown, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA; (No names or birthplaces of parents are listed) [headstone photo]

CONWAY, Susan – Born in Corramore, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in the early 1860’s (before records are available) to Patrick Conway and Unity McGlinn. She died 01 June 1940 at the Mayview Hospital, South Fayette Township, and was buried in St Patrick’s Cemetery (Roman Catholic) in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Susan worked as a domestic in the Pittsburgh area and never married.

Her obituary appeared on June 3, 1940:
Miss Susie Conway, 75, died Saturday morning at 11 o’clock in the Pittsburgh City Home and Hospital, following an illness of seven months. Born in Ireland, Miss Conway was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Conway and is survived by a sister, Mrs. Anna Williams, of Weavertown, with whom she lived for some time and Frank Conway, a brother, of Clairton (Pennsylvania). Funeral service will be held Tuesday morning at 9 o’clock, with a Requiem High Mass from the St Genevieve’s R. C. church, in charge of the Rev. Father Pikulik, pastor. Burial will be in St Patrick’s cemetery. The body may be viewed at the Yoney Funeral Home until time for the services. Source: The Daily Notes, Canonsburg, PennsylvaniaSource: The Daily Notes, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

WILLIAMS, Anne (nee CONWAY) Anne was born 19 March 1874 in Aughdoorish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland to Patrick Conway and Unity McGlinn. She died 20 September, 1950 in Los Angeles, California. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery (Roman Catholic) in Los Angeles, California along with her husband. Anne was married to Patrick Williams in 1902, and lived outside of Pittsburgh, PA in the coal mining town of Forward Township and later Canonsburg. Anne and Patrick Williams had five children: James P, Paul Russell, Thomas Francis, Patrick John and Mildred E of which Thomas and Patrick John lived to adulthood.

Her obituary appeared on September 21, 1950: Mrs. Patrick Williams, 70, of 2447 Senta Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif., for many years a resident of Weavertown (Pennsylvania), died Wednesday, September 20. She is survived by her husband, Patrick; two sons, John and Thomas, at home, and three grandchildren. Mrs. Williams had been a resident of Los Angeles for two years. Source: The Daily Notes, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

BRIDGET MULLIN b. Co. Tyrone, Ireland, Died July 28, 1891, Aged 68 Years Buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, Delaware, Pennsylvania. Death certificate from Philadelphia on Family indicates the following: Name: BRIDGET MULLEN Born: Abt. 1823 - Ireland Died: 28 Jul 1891 - Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Buried: 31 Jul 1891 - Holy Cross Cemetery - Yeadon, Delaware, Pennsylvania Age: 68 Years Marital Status: Single Residence: 489 1/2 Merion Avenue, West Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania No parent names listed. Photo taken July 2009
Thomas Peter Early, born about 1824 in Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone; died 12 August 1896 in Knox County, Missouri. Also - Of Peter Early, of Balygawley, parish Ergalkeira, co. Tyrone. When last heard from (a year ago) was in St. Louis, Missouri. His sisters Hannah and Mary Early, now in Providence, R. I. are anxious to hear from him, if living, or from others about him if dead. Information to this effect addressed to Dr. Harris, Providence, for them, will be gratefully received. From the Boston Pilot, diocesan newspaper, 8 December 1849
Bernard Early, born 12 August 1830, Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone; died 29 December 1905, in Knox County, Missouri
Hannah Early, born abt 1820, died after 1870 in Knox County, Missouri
OBITUARY NEWS - KENNEDY SERVICES - Solemn requiem high mass for Joseph Kennedy, father of Rev. Victor I. Kennedy, assistant pastor of Sacred Heart Church, will be celebrated by the Rev. Kennedy at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning in Sacred Heart Church. Funeral services for Mr. Kennedy, who died Friday night in St Joseph’s Hospital, will be held from the home of his brother-in-law, William P. McGervey, 32 Mainsgate street, Ingram. Mr. Kennedy was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, and came to Pittsburgh as a young man. Mr. Kennedy leaves his widow, Mrs. Elizabeth McGervey Kennedy; another son, James F. Kennedy, and seven grandchildren.
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Oct 7, 1935, page 7

Joseph Kennedy - Joseph Kennedy, father of Rev. Victor I. Kennedy, assistant pastor of Sacred Heart Church, will be buried tomorrow morning following a solemn high mass there at 10 o’clock celebrated by his son. Mr. Kennedy died Friday in St. Joseph’s Hospital. Born in Ireland, Mr. Kennedy came to this country at an early age. His first wife, Jane Young Kennedy, whom he married in 1878, died in 1884. Five years later he married Elizabeth McGervey who, with Father Kennedy, another son, and seven grandchildren, survives him. The funeral will be held at the home of Mr. Kennedy’s brother-in-law, William P. McGervey, 32 Mainsgate St., Ingram. Other officers of the mass will be Rev. H. J. Carroll, deacon; Rev. C. A. Kane, sub-deacon; and Rev. Thomas F Coakley, master of ceremonies. The Sacred Heart Quartet, directed by Edgar Bowman, will sing.
Source: The Pittsburgh Press Oct 7, 1935, page 35

[Joseph was born Dec 15 1847 in the Townland of Drum, to Patrick Kennedy and Elizabeth Carr (various records have Corr or Carr)]

James McMenamin was born Strabane, Co. Tyrone c.1858. He died in Benecia, California and is buried in City Cemetery, Benecia, CA
From a headstone in Calvary Cemetery, Queens Co., New York - Erected by Rose O'Brien (nee Kelly) In memory of her beloved husband John O'Brien Died June 16, 1904, age 67 years Natives of Parish Domore Co. Tyrone Ireland Also the above Rose O'Brien Died Oct. 9, 1905 aged 70 years Sarah Dolan nee O'Brien Died Apr. 6, 1907 Rose M. Lynch nee Dolan Died Sept, 29, 1999 Rest in peace. See photo
James Mulgrew is a man who has, by his own untiring energy and industry, accumulated a competency, and commands the respect of all who honor a successful man. He was born in Duncannon (sic), County Tyrone, Ireland, June 6, 1843 and is a son of James and Catherine (Gough) Mulgrew. His father was a native of the same town and was born in 1806. He pursued the calling of a farmer on a rented farm, and also transacted an agent’s business for the queen’s warehouse, being a good business man, highly respected by all classes. In religion, he was a member of the Roman Catholic church. He died on Christmas day, 1870, and his wife (mother) is now living on the old homestead, in her seventy-fifth year.
James Mulgrew was reared on a farm, and received his education in the common schools of his native town. He learned the carpenter’s trade, and in 1866 he came to America, putting his feet on American soil May 1st of that year, and shortly afterward located in Silver Creek, where he was employed on the construction train on the L. S. & M. S. R. R. He worked fifteen years on this train, being steadily promoted until in 1881, he was given full control. It is his pride that he never had a pair of trucks leave the track in the twenty-two years he spent on that train. While in Indiana in 1888, he resigned his position, and left the employ of the road December 10th of that year. Since then he has lived on his farm in Hanover, one mile from Silver Creek, where he has opened a rock quarry, and finds a quick and ready market for all the paving-stones and material maximizing which he can quarry. He also has [a] good-sized tract of land devoted to grape culture. In National elections he votes the Democrat ticket, but in local elections he is independent, voting always for the man he considers the best qualified for the office in question. Religiously he is a member of the Roman Catholic church. He has two brothers, Barney and John engaged in gold mining in Montana.
James Mulgrew was married, in 1866, to Margaret L. Mulgrew, daughter of Peter Mulgrew of Duncannon (sic), Ireland, and they have three children, one son and two daughters, John F., Mary E., and Margaret S., all attending school at Silver Creek.
Edson, Obed. Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chautauqua County, New York. (John M. Gresham & Co.) July 1891. P. 216. Digital image, Google Books accessed 22 March 2017
CORNELL—In this city, July 13, 1895, Anna, widow of the late George P. Cornell, mother of J. R. and G. P. Cornell, Mrs. M. J. Siedenburg and Mrs. A. L. Sullinger of Marysville, a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 73 years 6 months and 2 days. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral THIS DAY (Monday), at 2:15 o’clock P.M. from the parlors of Halsted & Co., 946 Mission street. Internment Cypress Lawn Cemetery by train, leaving Third and Townsend streets at 3:30 o’clock P.M. Source: California Digital Newspaper Collection (; San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 45, 15 July 1895, Page 11, Column 6

Anna 'Annie' McCanny/McKenna Hughes(7 August 1871 Oughterard, Greenan, Omagh, Tyrone - 1903 New York City, NY, USA)(photo) is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Woodside, Queens, NY, USA. [Cem 2, Sec, 16, Range 31, Plot B] She was the daughter of Francis McCanny/McKenna and Sarah 'Sally' McGuigan of Oughterard, Greenan, Dromoe, Omagh, Tyrone.

She married on 1895 in NYC, NY, USA to James Hughes (4 May 1871 Aughee, Dromore, Omagh, Tyrone - 18 January 1936 NYC, NY, USA) who is also buried in Calvary Cemetery in Woodside, Queens, NY, USA. [Cem 2, Sec. 16, Range 31, Plot C] (headstone photo - only his name and second wife Bridget are engraved but Anna is also buried there) He was the son of Owen Hughes and Ellen Coll of Aughee, Dromore, Omagh, Tyrone. (photo of James & his second wife Bridget McHale)

Isaac Henderson had a son Stewart Henderson, born in 1824 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland near Dungannon. They wove linens in the linen weaving center, about 40 miles west of Belfast. Isaac died in 1880. Stewart married Jane (Johnson) Henderson who was born 1825 and died in 1863. Not sure of the marriage date but they had three boys, two that moved to Pennsylvania, USA.

1. Stewart Henderson, son of Stewart and Jane, was born 5 Aug 1852, left Ireland for Pennsylvania around 1871. Married by the Rev John Gailey in Pittsburgh, PA on 5 Nov 1877 (as listed in the family bible in my possession) his wife was Margaret Jane Cook, born in Pittsburgh, PA 1 Feb 1858 was the daughter of William Hamilton Cook from County Down, Ireland and Margaret Jemima Marrow (daughter of Thomas & Martha Marrow, granddaughter of Matthew and Mary (Wilson) Marrow of County Donegal, Ireland. Stewart died 23 April 1907. Stewart and Margaret had one girl and eight boys in Pennsylvania.

2. James Henderson, son of Stewart and Jane, remained in Ireland, however, story is some of his children came over with the last brother, Isaac. No information is listed in the bible of what happened to them

3. Isaac Henderson, born either 8 or 18 May 1857 and died in Hawkeye near Scottsdale PA on 18 June 1933 (death certificate has different birth date than headstone). He was the son of Stewart and Jane, came to Pennsylvania around 1874 and married Sarah McKlveen on April 17, 1884 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They rest at Alverton Cemetery. (headstone photo)

Joseph Liggett, born 1770 in Ireland, died 14 Aug 1841 and is buried at Deer Creek Township Cemetery in Pulaski Twp., Lawrence Co., Pennsylvania. Buried also in same cemetery is Jane Liggett, born 1773 and died March 3, 1827. Source of data is Deer Creek Cemetery with a history of Deer Creek United Presbyterian by D K. Cooper. Listed as Liggit in this book but other sources indicate spelling of Liggett.

From The History of Mahoning County, page 720, Joseph Liggett and his son William came to America in 1819 when William was 16 years of age. They settled first in Coitsville Twp. (eastern Ohio by state border with Pennsylvania) but moved to a farm of 106 acres in Lawrence Co. Joseph died there.

William Liggett, born in County Tyrone, Ireland, married Rosanna Jackson of Coitsville Township in Mahoning County, Ohio. William and Rosanna had 8 children. Infant died at birth, son Joseph, son James, daughter Nancy, daughter Jane, daughter Mary Ann, son John died at age 6, son William who served in the Civil War in Second Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. The 1850 US census for Poland Twp., Mahoning Co., lists William age 50 as a mason, wife Rosanna age 52, son Joseph age 22 also a mason, son James age 20 also a mason, daughter Nancy age 18, daughter Jane age 16, daughter Mary age 12, son William age 10.

Robert Lendrum GREER, b. July 11, 1827, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone. He emigrated to America with his mother and five siblings in about 1834. His mother was a widow at the time they emigrated to New York State. He died Mar. 13, 1910, Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois, USA. He married Jane Eliza MCMASTER, b. Nov. 12, 1832, Highland County, Ohio, USA. D. Jan. 17, 1926, Rushville, Schuyler, Illinois, USA. His mother was Lucinda CROZIER, B. Oct. 15, 1788, Ireland, died Feb. 4, 1870, Rushville, Schuyler Co., Illinois, USA. His father was Martin GREER, Sr., b. Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. before 1834, County Tyrone. Robert Lendrum GREER’s Grandfather was George GREER, d. about 1815, Co. Tyrone married Jane MARTIN. George GREER farmed on the same piece of land on the Montgomery Estate near Fivemiletown as Martin GREER, Sr., his son.

Siblings who emigrated with Robert Lendrum GREER: -

George M. GREER, b. Jan. 10, 1811, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. May 6, 1902, Rushville, Schuyler, Illinois, USA.
James GREER, b. May 15, 1816, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Mar. 4, 1875, Rushville, Schuyler, Illinois, USA
Jane GREER, b. Jan. 20, 1818, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Feb. 27, 1865, Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, USA
Richard GREER, b. June 15, 1821, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Sept. 15, 1868, Rushville, Schuyler, Illinois, USA
Crozier GREER, b. Dec. 26, 1824, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone.

Robert Lendrum GREER fought for the union as a captain the American Civil War. He and several of his siblings became merchants in Rushville, Illinois and prospered.

George GREER, d. about 1815, Co. Tyrone and his wife, Jane MARTIN (as mentioned above), had another son........

Robert GREERb. 1780, probably at Mullaghmore, Clogher, d. abt 1833, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone married Catherine LENDRUM, b. 1791, Co. Tyrone, d. Aug. 21, 1859, Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois, USA.

Robert and Catherine had  13 children;

John GREER, b. Nov. 9, 1813, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Feb. 9, 1896, Littleton, Schuyler County, Illinois, USA.  Married Nancy Letten HASTINGS, b. May 6, 1818, Sussex, Delaware, USA, d. Apr. 23, 1905, Littleton, Schuyler County, Illinois, USA.

George GREER, b. Aug. 1, 1814, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. July 18, 1899, Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois, USA.  Married Ann Jane CLARK, b. 1809, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA, d. Aug. 8, 1876.

Joseph GREER, b. June 16, 1815, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Aug. 19, 1900, Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois, USA.  Married Jane LITTLE, b. Sept. 11, 1815, d. Mar. 30, 1875.

Elizabeth GREER, b. Jan. 14, 1816, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Oct. 16, 1897.

James Little GREER, b. Feb. 25, 1820, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. May 16, 1916, Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois, USA.  Married Nancy WILSON, b. Dec. 14, 1821, Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky, USA.

Jane GREER, b. 1821, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. 1900.

Ellen GREER, b. Dec. 30, 1822, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Nov. 30, 1916, Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, USA.  Married Absalom HAMILTON, b. 1816, Indiana, d. Mar 27, 1878, Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, USA.

Robert GREER, b. May 20, 1824, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Dec. 10, 1871, Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois, USA.  Married Mary Ann SCOTT.

Lendrum GREER, b. Mar. 6, 1826, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Feb. 6, 1877, Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, USA.  Married America CARRICK, b. Oct. 13, 1830, Kentucky, d. June 22, 1878, Franklin, Sacramento County, California, USA.

Lucy GREER, b. Aug. 9, 1827, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Mar. 15, 1903, Mount Sterling, Brown County, Illinois, USA.  Married James M. MCCLINTOCK, b. 1825, Ireland, d. May 30, 1897, Mount Sterling, Brown County, Illinois, USA.

Andrew GREER, Dec. 25, 1828, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. July 22, 1901, Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, USA.  Married Isabella Harriet ROSEBERRY, b. Oct. 19, 1838, Franklin County, Indiana, USA, d. May 27, 1927, Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada, USA.

Erskine GREER, b. July 12, 1832, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. July 18, 1913.  Married Harriet P. ELLIS, b. 1835, Kentucky, d. Mar 7, 1925, Sacramento County, California, USA.

Alexander GREER, b. Feb. 3, 1833, Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone, d. Feb. 14, 1894, Mount Sterling, Brown County, Illinois, USA.  Married Lucretia Jane LOCKE, b. 1834, Illinois. 

Benjamin McCord and Sarah Jane Hamilton: (see photo) Benjamin McCord and Sarah Jane Hamilton were both born in Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland in 1855. They were married 26 April 1877 at the Second Presbyterian Church, Cookstown. They had seven children in 16 years - Minnie, Martha, William, Sarah, Robert, James, and Abraham Lincoln. They moved from Cookstown to Toxteth Park, Liverpool, England in the 1880’s and lived there for several years, before coming to America and settling in Queens, New York in August, 1894.

Benjamin’s parents were William McCord (1816 - 1881) and Mary Jane Cooper (1829 - 1905). Benjamin’s mother followed the family to America and lived 75 years. Sarah Jane’s parents were Robert Hamilton (1821-1895) and Mary Reynolds (1823 - ?).

Benjamin was in the shoe manufacturing industry, a profession his father William also followed. Benjamin passed 14 January, 1922, at the age of 66, and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, New York. Sarah passed 3 April 1940 at the age of 84, and was laid to rest next to her husband.

Mary (aka Minnie) McCord: (see photo) Born 15 February 1878, in Cookstown, County Tyrone. She emigrated to America in 1892 with her parents, and married William Dezendorf Haines on 23 December 1899, in Brooklyn, New York. She passed 2 April 1958 in Yaphank, New York.

I've actually compiled a considerable amount of artifacts about my McCord ancestors from Cookstown. It available online at: McCord Artifacts

Thomas Coulter b.12 Sep 1785 Co. Tyrone; d. 5 May 1872 Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio; Buried Oxford Cemetery, Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio
Isabella Coulter (nee Clendenning) b. 12 Sep 1785 Co. Tyrone; d. 14 Apr 1865 Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio; Buried Oxford Cemetery, Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio
Charles Stewart Coulter b. 16 Jul 1830, Co. Tyrone; d. 12 Jan 1920, Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio; Buried Oxford Cemetery, Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio
Eliza Catherine Coulter (nee Lambe) b. 1 April 1848, Co. Tyrone; d. 1921 Fort Worth, Texas; buried Greenwood Memorial Park and Mausoleum Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas
Personal Notice from the Tyrone Constitution (Omagh) September 4 1863 - [Died] August 11 at Astoria, L.I.[Long Island], U.S., Michael Minmaugh, a native of the parish of Longfield, County Tyrone, aged 80 years.

John Todd b.1799, Fymore, Townland, Errigal Trough Parish, Co. Tyrone; d. 17 Feb 1881 married Margaret Skelly (Scully) d. Dec 1884. Both are buried in the Mount Calvary Cemetery, St. Johnsbury, Vermont. (click for tombstone photos - John; John; Margaret)They had the following children:

Ellen Todd b. 02 Feb 1835, Fymore, Co. Tyrone; d. 22 Oct 1914 St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Jane Todd b. Aug 1835, Fymore, Co. Tyrone; d. Apr 1915 Fort Madison, Iowa

Ann Todd b. Jan 1837, Fymore, Co. Tyrone; d. 1911 Clinton, Iowa

Margaret Todd b. 4 May 1842, Fymore, Co. Tyrone; d. 24 Oct 1918 St. Johnsbury, Vermont

John D. Todd b. 13 Jul 1844, Fymore, Co. Tyrone; d. 1920 St. Johnsbury, Vermont. He married Catherine, born of Irish parents in Quebec, Canada, in St. Johnsbury. They has at least one son Willie E. who is also on their tombstone. (click for tombstone photo)

Mary Todd b. 1846, Fymore, Co. Tyrone; d. 1901 St. Johnsbury, Vermont

James J. Todd b. 29 Jun 1847, Fymore, Co. Tyrone; d. 21 Aug 1925 Palmer, Massachusetts

One additional child, William P. was born in Vermont in 1851.

Mary Ann M. Newman (nee McConnell), b. 18 Aug 1856, Ballymacan, Co. Tyrone, Ireland; d.16 Aug 1939 Providence, Rhode Island, USA (photo)
Mary Ann Wildey (nee Chambers), b.1828, d.1902, daughter of John and Martha (Maclear) Chambers of Newtownstewart, Mary Ann emigrated to the USA and married William Henry Wildey I in 1850. They had 8 children. In 1874 their son William Henry Wildey II came to visit uncle George Chambers in Dublin for a time. Mary Ann, along with her brother Thomas, is buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery in New York City. In her interment document, her father’s occupation is listed as Linen Merchant.
Dr. Thomas Chambers, b.1821, d.1876, son of John and Martha (Maclear) Chambers of Newtownstewart, Thomas emigrated in 1851 to the USA and married Anna Keily in 1854. Also in 1854, Thomas established his pharmacy in New York City, where he remained a “druggist” until his death. They had 8 children, although all three girls died at a young age. The oldest boy was named Thomas Maclear Chambers. Their second son was named George Keohler Chambers, the middle name later changed to Keller. Keohler was the maiden name of Eliza, the wife of Thomas’ (b 1821) brother George. As the railroads expanded to the West, there was interest by the family. The three oldest sons moved to Dakota and Minnesota where there was oil, mining, and rich farm lands. The youngest son, John Sylvanus, stayed in the New York City and Philadelphia area. Thomas, along with his sister Mary Ann, is buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery in New York City.
John Gibson 1802-1864 and Mary Margaret ( nee Porter) Gibson 1803 – 1870 born in Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, to the born in Ireland buried in United States. Mary is buried in Simpson County Kentucky but John is buried in Andersonville, Ga. Died in prison during the civil war. They immigrated to the states in 1830. They were members of the Donougheady Presbyterian church. They received letters from James Porter her brother and several letters from Margaret Porter and sister Rebecca from Ballee Todd. Some of the names mentioned in the letters are William Doragh and sister from Tullyard, The death of John Donnell of Winn Bark in a horse accident, his widow had twin girls,his brother-in-law William Moor , James’ Aunt Holmes, Thomas Boyd, Sir John and Sarah ..out of office and Major Humphrys is in their place. Sarah Gibson.. Robert Mitchell, Robert Stevenson.
Hugh Linn was born in 1753 in Aghaloo Parish, County Tyrone. He is believed to belong to the family of Linns that owned Dunmacmay, which is less than two miles from Killymurry, County Monaghan. In 1777, Hugh married Sarah Widney, whose family owned Killymurry. The couple emigrated in 1788 with three of their four eldest children, leaving one frail son in the care of an aunt, Rebecca Lee, in County Tyrone. The family settled in what became the village of Concord in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. There, they had five more children. Sarah died on 18 February 1810, Hugh on 1 January 1815. The couple lie at rest in the Concord Union Cemetery. WikiTree profile