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Camus-Juxta-Mourne Parish Church Baptisms 1803-4

(Christ Church, Church of Ireland, Strabane)
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

1803 Child Parents Residence
October 24 David James Dundas & Margaret (Thompson) Strabane
November 28 Jane John Bell & Anne (Magee)  
December 14 Mary Thomas Parker & Anne Dogherty  



1804 Child Parents Residence
January 12 John John Loughrea & Darcas (Linas?) Strabane
January 13 Jane Bernard Meening & Margaret (Smith) Strabane
January 22 Isaac John & Mary Read  
January 26 Jane Robert Bernie & Martha (Fulton)  
January 29 John Henderson Joseph Knox & Isabella (Henderson) Strabane
February 2 Galbraith Thomas McNeilance & Mary (Parker) Strabane
February 11 Thomas Thomas Colhoun & Jane (Foubut?) Strabane
February 19 Robert James William Hamilton & Eleanor (Steel) Strabane
February 20 Sarah Jane ---Rendall, a soldier in the Antrim Militia & ---McAuley Town of Strabane  
March 10 George John Maginness & Lucy McSwine) Strabane
March 11 Martha Robert Neelins & Susan (Magee) Strabane
March 11 Catherine John Freeman, City of Dublin Militia & Catherine Cassidy  
March 12 James James Donald & Margaret Stewart Calhame
March 12 Eleanor Richard Pritchard, soldier, City of Dublin Militia & Mary McQue  
March 27 Susan Henry Nassau Elliott & Susan Pollock Strabane
June 10 Mary Mathew Maguire & Mary Hoey Drumnabuoy
July 22 Elizabeth Elijah Finley & Elizabeth Hamilton Strabane
July 29 Patterson James Mayberry & Catherine Shaskin Strabane
August 21 Robert William Rutherford & Elizabeth McNeilance Strabane
September 4 Margaret John Kerr & Anne Conyngham Barney
September 12 Margaret James Cunningham & Margrits Dogherty Strabane
September 2 Sarah Smyth McDonnell, South Down Militia & Susan Dogherty  
September 3 Mary Samuel & Margrit Blair Strabane
September14 Rosanna John Lyon & Isabella Thompson Strabane
September 17 Anne Jane Patrick Haliday & Anne Beatty Strabane
October 14 Eliza Jane Robert Mitchell & Margaret Taylor (Illegitimate) Strabane
October17 Maria Edward Carter, soldier Louth Militia & Mary Berry  
October 19 Jane Thomas Brodie & Margaret Alexander Strabane
October 6 John Edward Williams & Margrit Noble Strabane
October 10 Elizabeth Hugh Kelly & Jane Forbes Strabane
October 11 Josias Thomas Hamilton & Martha McNab Strabane
October 24 Jane Robert McNickle & Rosanna Hood Elagh
October 28 Mary John Rutherford & Martha Purdon (illegitimate) Strabane
November 1 Michel Joseph Johnston & Eleanor Green Strabane
November 3 George George Rab & Elizabeth McGee Strabane
November 4 Harriet Georgina John Hamilton, General commanding at Derry & Emily Sophia Monk Strabane
November 7 James Edward Brownlee & Margaret Orr Strabane
November 12 Ann Mary McGillian, an Orphan Strabane
November 14 Catherine John Smyly & Catherine Hobs Downshire Militia
November 12 William Esias Black & Eliza Black Antrim Militia
November 17 Mary George Anderson & Margaret Blackburn Roscommon Militia
November 18 Martha & Rebecca (twins) Alexander Reed & Darcus Fleming Strabane
November 18 Mary William Hunter & Ann Lighton Strabane
November 25 Margret Kenedy Dogherty & Elizabeth Walk City of Dublin Militia
November 26 Mary Campbell McDonald & Sarah Nesbit Strabane
November 26 John John Elliott & Jane Hay Strabane
December 2 Andrew John Mackey & Catherine Graham Strabane
December 2 Esther James Brown soldier City of Dublin Militia & Ann Madden Strabane
December 9 Mary Anne George Arnold & Anne Lepper Strabane
December 16 James George Brady soldier, Westmeath Regiment & Catherine Brady Strabane
December 16 Catherine Robert Drought, Lieutenant in Kildare Militia & Catherine Jackson  
December16 James James Anderson & Letitia Thomas Strabane
December 20 John William Boyd & Catherine McFaddion Strabane
December 24 Hugh Hugh Fulton & Margaret Hill Strabane
December 25 Christopher William McManus & Juda Kennedy Louth Militia