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Item : Tremaines Map Peel County Ontario 1859
CAD $ 5.95

Tremaine's Map of the County of Peel, Canada West, 1859. The original is a wall-sized map 51" wide x 72" high. Almost every rural property has the owner's name on the map. It includes inset maps of eight towns with listings of subscribers. Also, there are lists of subscribers for rural areas. Illustrations of several homes of prominent residents are around the edge of the map.

Since there is no scanner could handle a map this large, it was carefully photographed with a hi-resolution camera. The photos were taken three across the width of the map in five rows with care to overlap the photos.

These are provided in four pdf files: 1) All 15 original photos 2) Towns & Subscribers Lists 3) Strips created by stitching three photos from each of the five rows into a strip 4) Complete Map - created by stitching the five rows together BUT they did not stitch completely straight.

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