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Protestant Dissenters, Strabane Town & Neighbourhood 1775

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Protestant Dissenters, Strabane Town & Neighbourhood 1775

Transcribed & Compiled by Len Swindley

Protestant Dissenters (Presbyterians) were barred from holding public office because of their beliefs. Presbyterian congregations across Ireland petitioned the parliament in Dublin for repeal of the Test Act that required all office holders i.e. magistrates, burgesses etc to be communicant members of the Established Church. Clearly, not all members of the Presbyterian congregation in Strabane signed: some may have been beholden to a landlord belonging to the Established Church. Very few such petitions have survived.


W. Crawford: Dissenting Minister
John Sproull
William Orr
Robert Jamieson
Andrew Gamble
Moses McCrea
James Knox
James Fleming
David Speer
Joseph Arbuckle
James Bonner
Alexander Crawford
Benjamin Fenton
William McCrea
Joseph Parker
Seth Fullerton
William Porter
William Ross
John Houston
Thomas Browne
Joseph Barnhill
George Orr
John Willson
James Smith
John Burnside
John Cooper
William Campble
John Buchanan
Thomas Knox
Robert Smith
Robert Thompson
Robert Mease
Charles McClenaghan
John Orr
Patrick Fleming
Robert Cochrane
John Knox
Archibald Allen
James Knox
Samuel McKown
William Storey
Robert Nelson
John Best
George Parker
Andrew Mease
Robert Kerr
John Summerville
Joseph Browne
Hugh Houston
Gabriel Barnhill
Gabriel Thompson
W. Patterson
James Moore
Robert Hasty
John Keys
George Leech
Allen Campble
John Parker
James Knox
James Smith

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